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  1. Nemosphene

    iGTA Night - September 11 (PS4)

    Just use the site Dio recommended: You don't even need to set up an account. Just dump them there copy links and paste. Does sound fishy but I don't care if they steal these pics. I'm sure they all do anyways and at least this site has the courtesy to not ask for all my important details (I'm sure their malware gets it for them). Anyway we'll start off with the first selfie of the night. From left to right we've got Johnson, GTAGrl, Me, and Dio. Walk it off GTAGrl I'm sure you're fine. Too late now but I figured out how to get the best selfies (Didn't get a chance to use it though). Dio getting the best of GTAGrl. Kuz getting the best of GTAGrl. BMX trying to make the climb but failing. Fanboy managed it on his first try then left me to walk back to the city...a-holes! Purple team kicking ass! Yellow team kicking ass! Bones catching Lazlow crying in the back and telling him to STFU! The moment before getting kicked off my bike by a dunce! The moment before getting run over by a dunce! Look out GTAGrl! Just a little photoshopping to make it more intense! It was close but GTAGrl managed to survive! Bones really didn't like the mannequins. GTAGrl looking to murder me. Probably because I was messing up all her selfies. Some more photoshopping to get us all in there. Yes i see the mistakes but I don't care. Looks good enough to me. Also learned from this pic that GIMP doesn't actually show the edges which is why I have those white marks on some of the borders. Maybe I'm zoomed into a certain image size? Would that matter? Dio should know. GTAGrl and I. Selfies for everyone!! And finally, a shot of me , Dio, and Dio's right boob. I ended up with more selfies than I thought. But most of my actions didn't work as expected because it's different if someone else does it vs your own character since your character will do facial expressions as well. At least I know for next time.
  2. Nemosphene

    iGTA Night - September 4 (PS4)

    I was writing in the captions! Can't see the pics when you paste the links so I edit them in after. Also I ride where I want!...ok not true, I step on the gas and hope for the best.
  3. Nemosphene

    iGTA Night - September 4 (PS4)

    Hmm. It happened again...Did you guys forget how to drive?! Me with the two Dunces getting ready for a job. I dunno why you're driving like that Dio but it obviously had nothing to do with me. Damn Dio, you don't have to block people you know! BMX goes spat. Dio goes splat. BMX goes splat again! Who was this? Jizzy? I don't remember much except being in a rage about his casually showing off that outfit that I just had to murder him (Paramedic went splat and was then stomped on for good measure). Jizzy's surprisingly good at this since he hit me a few times and I missed all my shots. Oh crap, Oh crap! Ran out of ammo. My pistol still had some rounds though! (In all honesty I should have lost this fight but since this was the mission where I accidentally bought a bullet proof vest at the start I managed to win it, also Jizzy went splat)! Dio showing off his Matrix moves before going splat! So close yet Dio's head went splat! Jizzy and I team up to take down BMX. Me figuratively stabbing Jizzy in the back but literally in the front. Know Your Clans indeed! Stewardesses VS Paramedics!... ...Stewardesses for the win!!! I survived this, was even launched into that med pack. Weev did not. Yeah, no survivors here. Petrie learns how pointy a broken bottle can be. Sooo I guess that action is that way! This did not end well for me. That sticky bomb is lying to you Bones! Your anything but! Sweet, sweet revenge! Here's Dio stealing my kill off camera. Jizzy uses "Headbutt" it's super effective!!! Just one of Dio's many Suicide Bombs. You see that smug face of his?! Yeah he don't care. Don't worry Weev, This'll hurt you a lot more than me. Just another shot of the same stabbing because you know, good times! Like shooting fish in a barrel. Very sneaky BMX! I had to follow the bullet trails to find you behind that wall! Bones gets cooked! Dio, not to be outdone, also gets cooked...but not as well as Bones in my opinion. Guess who brought a gun to a broken bottle fight?!! That'll teach you!!! Broken Bottle: 1, Gun: 28 ...wait where was I going with this? It's too late Petrie! There's no escape from Stab Happy Nemo! Dio and BMX take it easy after getting exploded. The casual murdering of Nemo by GTAGrl. Damn, that's cold! Petrie giving Dio some tips on how to blow people up without dying... ...but then promptly getting murdered by me. It's nothing personal! The broken bottle made me do it! BMX stopping traffic for me. Dio, never one to follow the rules, just rides wherever the hell he wants. GTAGrl these next three shots are from your set up. I would love to see your pics from it. I'm just posting these here because I actually photoshopped all of them to get the most dynamic poses possible while BMX flew by in preparation for Anime night where I'll be photoshopping all the pics (I need the practice). I hope that's ok with you. I just wanted to see if you guys could spot any mistakes I made. I already see two (My arm over Dio's in the first one and Bones left arm in the third one). Here Dio's grabbing my ass while Bone's checking it out. Also fixed the scratches on the car. GTAGrl with the double wave and some dynamic expressions on Dio and I. Bones was just chillin' the entire clip so that was the most expressive he got. Also once again fixed the scratches on the car. Pilots looking forward and Stewardesses looking right. BMX bowling for Dunces and it's a strike! Taco came to visit. Discount stripper in her native habitat, careful! She'll murder you! Everyone driving like Nemo. Who said big rigs can't fly?!! Fly like an eagle! Excuse me Dio! Can you not get in my way?! I'm trying to drive here you smug bastard!! Ahhh. Nothing like a pistol whip to start a deathmatch! Better watch your corners Weev! Told you. This ended bad for both of us. I really liked this stunt race. Huge loops and pretty smooth too. I think that was Fanboy ahead of me there. All in all, GOOD TIMES!!! The End...Dio: "Or is it?!"
  4. Nemosphene

    iGTA Night - September 4 (PS4)

    Oh no! Didn't you know that mudguards attract explosions? It's been proven. Anyone who rides around with a scorcher with mudguards tend to get blown up, so really I'm just looking out for you guys.
  5. Nemosphene

    iGTA Night - September 4 (PS4)

    I'm noticing under "Vehicle-based" we're missing "MTB (Obviously no mudguards)" and "Watercraft". Also under "Thread-based" we're missing "Hillbilly", "Anime", "Masquerade", and "Immigrants". Can we add those?
  6. Nemosphene

    Post your Screenshot

    Needs more Scorcher (mudguard free ones)...even though BMXs are ok too I guess.
  7. Nemosphene

    iGTA Night - August 28 (PS4)

    Dancing at the club. "Get out of here human! We don't serve your kind here!" Taking the scenic route I guess. Dio gets the first kill... ...then Dio gets killed... ...BMX too...Gotta kill them all! I'm sure there's a really great sexual innuendo that I can put here but I can't think right now so fill it in yourselves. Monkeying around. Bahama Mamas Beat Down! BOnes goes down early. Peitrie's next... what I though but guess it was me. GTAGrl joining in on the Nemo Beat Down. Bodies everywhere! Watch your backs! Better get up GTAGrl, otherwise you'll be next. Last man standing. Thanks for the points Bones! I won this race...shame on you! SHAME ON YOU ALL! Really, how the hell did that happen?! Not the way I would camouflage with the background but you do your thing Bones. There's murder in GTAGrl's eyes! Bones goes down! GTAGrl doesn't go down without a fight. On the edge of my clip I spotted Dio just sitting his own blood. Dammit! That was my best pistol whip chance. Bones decides to bleed out in comfort while enjoying the scenery. I convince Peitrie to jump...hehehehe! Weeve and his god dammed paramedic outfit take to the skies in GTAGrl's Avenger. Wait...where'd Weev go? Well who am I to question the pilot? Don't worry guys I'll stay with you to the end! The End.
  8. Nemosphene

    Post your Snapmatic photos

    Are you talking about flipping it on the PS4? I couldn't find a way to do it there and used my computer instead. From what I read online it seems the PS4 can't unless you rotate your entire screen and play with it that way when you take a screenshot. Haven't tried it out though.
  9. Nemosphene

    iGTA Night - August 21 (PS4)

    Dio ready to rush Bones! Guess he wasn't ready enough. Bones unable to live with what he did gets ready to end it all.,, ...but I get to him first. Flybys in the tube above Chiliad Ace pilot Kuz He really threaded the needle there. And down goes...uh...Fanboy? I'm pretty sure it was him. These tubes weren't too hard... crash and burn in. That's all the pics I took of the Altitude meet. The rest are from clips I never went through. Here's Truth getting ready to scope out your mom's tits. Just the two of us...actually three since BMX was there too after the rest of you bailed on us. Damn BMX! Can you make that look any more painful?!!...may have been Dio. I don't remember. King of the jetpack. Hold on tight. GTAGrl hanging out at the fire. The rest of us relaxing too until Kuz started punching and created a forest fire. Some awkward hugging... ...more awkward hugging. GTAGrl getting some airtime. Well I can see why I was the only one to survive this. Don't worry guys I made sure to go through all your wallets. And that is it.
  10. Nemosphene

    iGTA Night - August 21 (PS4)

    Yeah but I like to caption my pics. If it doesn't work by tomorrow then I'll just link the gallery.
  11. Nemosphene

    Post your Snapmatic photos

    Well. Can't seem to link image URLs. Until that's fixed here's an evil looking Dio: Also since I never posted this on Social Club (Can't rotate images there) dunno If you've all seen this one:
  12. Nemosphene

    iGTA Night - August 21 (PS4)

    Hmm. Getting stuck when trying to add images through URL. Is it related to Bone's problem too? I see Ruffian posted some pics an hour ago so I don't know why it won't let me. Couldn't figure it out. Ended up getting some pics from the last crew meet I went to as well. Once this is fixed I'll post those on the snapmatic thread.
  13. Nemosphene

    iGTA Night - September 19 (PS4)

    Noooo! Dammit I'm missing zombie night?!! Have fun and I'll look forward to the pics!
  14. Nemosphene

    iGTA Night - Aug. 1 (PS4)

    "The Captain goes down with the ship?...yeah...riiight" - Capt. Tatter to his crew. Getting stabby with The Dread Pirate Bones and Old man Dio. Jesus? Is that you? FanMan Overboard! Dread Pirate Bones Spots incoming Pirate Hunters Nothing we haven't seen before Best way to take over a boat is to take out the Captain! But don't forget to use him as a meat shield first though. And yeah, that happened. Whale Shark? Did you hear that? Of course that what it was. We got better height off of the police. Old Man Dio tries to board and FAILS!!! But then again I don't do much better. Bring it ON!! About 5-8 grenades later and we're both still we suck. Don't worry about that monkey. By killing the weak ones, I make the rest stronger! Kuz and Bones get blasted by GTAGrl Time to start Racing!! Well, shit! What kind of starting point is this?!! Forgot who brought out the Mesa. Tatter was that you?! Getting muddy Kuz is mesmerized by my BMX skills Outta the way! Back to racing and GTAGrl just givin' er EH! More Racing Tatter tries to murder me. But I'm saved! And together we go murder Dio The Flight to the Gordo Mountains. Over the objective we jump out. And head to the Temple. The bodies of those who fell to the traps of the temple. After a few tries the Dread Pirate Bones makes it through all the traps and gets the treasure. But GTAGrl wisely waits by the exit and steals the treasure and...falls down the mountain. After the first tumble she gets up and...falls down the mountain...again. Gotta give her props. She survived both falls and cleared some distance! And that's all I got.
  15. Nemosphene

    iGTA Night - Aug. 1 (PS4)

    What happened to Off-Road Night?!!! I'm pretty sure the Upcoming Events was supposed to look like this: Upcoming Events: August 8 - Off-Road Night August 15 - GTA Tribute Night August 22 - Bums Dio may have been hitting the rum too hard.