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  1. Well here are my pics finally. Some are photoshopped. Can you spot them?!!!! GTAGrl, Emz, Mercy, and I getting into the pre-drinking. Dup waiting for the playlists with GTAGrl trying to get him to drink. It works and Bones comes along. A whole bunch o'Alcoholics. Mercy having way too much fun laying there. Proof that fish don't do well on land. Riding the coaster iGTA style. Like fish in a barrel. Giger joins the hunt. Oil money eh? Mercy and Dozy showing their vehicles. The specialized crew mobilization all-terrain vehicle. Playing at the pool Tis but a scratch! GTAGrl putting on an unpermitted light show! Me giving CPR to an unconscious GTAGrl. No mouth to mouth, only compressions. You're welcome. Me punching some cops. Escape from Los Santos! Me actually ahead of some people. Guess not playing the game for months will do that to you. iGTA Murderin' iGTA Stuntin' Bro, Do you even fly?!! Stacking vehicles the hard way. Funny how they were both trying to run me over but ended up saving me. Getting across the border with all theses illegals...except for bones, he's just here for a jog. Seizure test. Oh man was this ever an epic battle! Good job Emz!! Drinks on GTAGrl. That's not how you drink!! Lazlow being Lazlow, at least he's not crying like last time when he was with Bones. Raising the roof. That's how you drink!!! Didn't come out as random as I'd hoped. Thanks for the help though! Damn! This NPC is trying out for our crew I guess. Giger causing mayhem. A work of art! That's all. Off to comment on the other posts to fix the order.
  2. We'll start off with shots that don't seem to have a post but I had clips. Zake, Me, and Others (I don't remember). GTAGrl getting some booze Got enough GTAGrl? Don't worry, I brought my own! Some biker night where we were waiting on you guys to show up. Ok. Now we're at the proper pics of this post: Going old school! Kek (Dozy?) and I causing some trouble. Damn! Sooooo close Dup! This is why you don't try to catch planes in the literal way. Emz, Mercy, and I posing as Dup makes his trademark landing. Dup bailing out'o da choppa and getting caught in the propellers. Bones and I sharing some lead. Dup showing off his gun to Emz while Bones waits his turn...she doesn't seem too impressed. Me showing off my gun to Kek...he seems happy...and impressed. On our way to Sandy Shores. Didn't intend to add this one but hey, here it is. Mercy and Dio playing the action stars! What's an IGTA night without a few crew members flying though the air? Back to Photoshop to fill in some space! Just floating away. Kaboom! Well, good luck guys! Dio's new front bumper. It squeeks and cusses you out when you hit stuff. Dio playing dead to fool the cops. What's up officer? Nothing to see here. Better than E.T.! (I have a sense of Deja Vu, I'm pretty sure I've done this shot before). It's not what you think! I was breakdancing... ...Dio and Mercy though were not. Dio, being the gentleman that he is, punches Mercy hard in the face to get her out of the way of the incoming forklift. Mercy, being the _itch that she is, does not return the favor. Weev just taking a casual stroll up the ramp...also gotta love it when I don't hide the HUD. Time to hug that wall and pray for the best. Dup and I in a race to the top! SUCK IT DUP!!!!... ...SHIT!!!!! Where the hell did that come from?!!! Mercy has the "hugging the wall" down pat, Kuz on the other hand does not. What's this?! Dio picking on Mercy?!! Looks like Mercy is giving as good as she gets! Not one to miss out on beating down Dio, I join in. We may have lost the round but at least I got this shot! Toy racing.... ...real-er racing! You get what I mean! I know what Dio would have done...I still have the scars (both emotional and physical). "Take her out Dio!" "Kek...*cough*...but why?..." Well that's all.
  3. My pics of this night. Time to see if this is locked or not...
  4. I'd say more than half of these pics are photoshopped. Minor things but it was about a 5 hour photoshopping session. Playing with remote controls Helping Petrie earn some loose change after we broke his car hood. This was surprisingly not photoshopped. This didn't work out too well for me. I should have stayed in the cab. Dio on the loose. Showing off... ...but I don't stick the landing. Nicely built race track. Beating down Fanboy. Some shots of killing. Water race. A Dunce and his car. Lots O' Dunces Poses after the first playlist. Knocking down LSPD choppers. This one had the last laugh. Dio overreacting. Missing the jump. Flanked! Really fun job. This was not the way to win it. Another one of these just because.
  5. Dio doing some drifting around the cops Hold on to your butts! Jetpack and Jetbike Typical Dio. Always blowing up Fanboy's stuff. Dio takes the lead. Wrong way Dio!!...and yes I did see someone boost into you. I'll give you that. Continuing on after we get back on track. Well there goes our leader. Guess it's time for shenanigans. Getting ready for the second tunnel run. Petrie is our new leader. Ready to go try that again. Aaaand there goes our leader again. Guess we're back to shenanigans. Completely missed that next checkpoint. Not high enough!! It's thanks to whoever got hit in front of me (I don't remember who) that I managed to get a higher placement. Bikes and rockets Um're kicking to the wrong side... ...Oooooh. You were going after Bones. The first obstacle goes about as well as expected. Sorry about that but I'm taking the lead. I somehow survive this. My bike too (Didn't respawn once throughout this race). You want to know who did respawn? These people. I eventually caught up to some repawners as I lapped them. This pretty much sums up this deathmatch. I think I had two kills where I was actually facing the other player. But 80% of it was killin'em from the back or sides, 15% Killin'em with others, and 5% killin'em face to face. There were even some murder triangles where everyone was killing the next in line. Bones was just a freebie since he just stood there. I sure as hell wasn't too high and mighty to take advantage though! The spawns were so close and quick that I'd be back and shooting before my body disappeared. I kinda wish I would've tried to kick myself while I was down. GTAGrl completely mesmerized by what she's seeing. Fanboy for the win! Some more murder shots. Well...shit. My one and only pistol-whip of the match. Well...I'm about to die. These two duke it out up close and personal. Remember how I said that that kind of fight was a 5% chance?... Well this one fell in the 80% category of getting shot in the back or the sides... ...I mean seriously, you're ALWAYS surrounded. Kuz getting that 5% kill. While Petrie falls in the 80% category. Teamwork? More like "Don't steal my kill!" Kuz really picked the wrong side to take cover...he didn't last long. You know where this place is?...'s call the "low ground". It's where you go to die. Some Jet battles Yeah, This is pretty much how the entire race went. Two people driving while the rest of us crashed. All my clips of this match were disabled for some weird reason. Only one clip was able to use freecam. So I photoshopped it to make it worth the one pic. This is what we get for letting Gigerbrick drive. We should have left it to GTAGrl. We stayed and cheered while GTAGrl went to look for help. That's what happened. It's not like I forgot to Photoshop her in or anything. Kuz looking badass with his duffle bag. Well I can guess what's about to happen... ...... ...aaaand he missed. Darth Dio introducing himself to the Los Santos residents. Wasn't only Darth Dio, Darth Fanboy joined with his darksaber too. Picking up Dio so I could give him a lift to the rest of the crew. Of course Dio had his own plans. "Wait. Where you going Dio?" "Dio? DIO?!!" "DIO YOU S.O.B!" Unfortunately I didn't get the explosion even though I survived it since the clip ended before it happened and it was the last clip I had. I'm betting it was one of those "Currently saving. May affect currently recording clip" or some shit.
  6. Hmm. Can't seem to get rid of the border even as a png. Although I did find out why imgur wasn't working anymore. It's because I have to manually add img before the link then close it with /img (Yes the brackets are missing on either end but that's so it wont activate). Which means that I'm still going to use the site Dio showed me because I don't have to individually write them all in.
  7. Hmm. I actually set up the pic so that it would blend into the background of the post, but it has a border. Was it because I saved it as a .jpg? Or because I manually painted in the background? Should I have saved it as a PNG with transparent background?
  8. There!! Banner is DONE!!!! I sent it to you GTAGrl in a Twitter MSG.
  9. Haven't even started the Sci-Fi banner yet and the image in my mind is way too ambitious but lets see what I end up with. I know I had plenty of advanced notice to work on it but this kinda makes me feel nostalgic. It's like I'm back in highschool and working on my homework last minute. To start off the night, Here is a pic of me running down a dunce. Looks like an expensive grass fire to me. Dio smelling the grass or humping the ground, I dunno, it's hard to tell with him. BRING IT ON DIO!!! 3, 2, 1, WHAT YOU GO...Oooooh. Get that piece of cheap discounted shit out of here!!! This is what happens when you have mudguards on Scorchers. I did try to warn him. A swing and a miss. And it's a hit! Morbo don't like dunces either. I actually don't know why I took this pic...I'm stabbing Giger?, maybe he's stabbing me?, I should have took it a few seconds forward. Here's Jizzy taking advantage of a fallen Nemo. Jizzy and I take on GTAGrl... ...and afterwards I stab Jizzy in the back before he can do the same to me. Dio surrounded by bodies. Me helping the homeless. You're welcome. Jizzy back for revenge while Bones comes to join the fun. Jizzy stabs me in my weak point (My duffle bag) and I go down. Getting ready to stab Gigerbrick. Off in the distance is Jizzy and Bones... ...but there can only be one! Finishing up with Gigerbrick quickly because I hear a Dunce heading my way. Bones and I fresh off a kill each and ready to add another! Not this time Bones!! Should have watched my back since Gigerbrick came back quick for revenge. Bones and Jizzy feeling each other out... ...but I don't have time for that so I go in and boot Bones in the face!... Jizzy is in awe from my attack... ...So much so that he just falls over dead without me lifting a finger. Morbo hits a home my face...three times...didn't work out too well for me. GTAGrl does a good job at tossing Bones around... ...but before she can finish him off I sneak in and steal the kill!!... I also take out the injured GTAGrl. Jizzy taking out two with a single swing! And this is why you should watch your back. Dio had been following me for like half the map and I didn't notice until he stabbed me. GTAGrl with a beautiful dodge!!... ...but right after that beautiful dodge she then tries to run away. But I hold her back as Dio makes his way over for the two easy kills... ...GTAGrl gains the upper hand... ...But before she can finish me off Dio saves the day... ...Just look how murdery he is... ..."Thanks Dio!" I say as I stab him in the back. These two make short work of me. A seriously injured Jizzy tries to jump to safety... ...but it doesn't work out for him as he gets double stomped by Giger and I. Damn we were in sync!! Giger and I then try to kill each other but Dio comes in and takes us both out...guess that means that we were still in sync! Jizzy doesn't even wait for GTAGrl to fall over dead before he walks off to find another victim. Well, it's two on one again. Doesn't look good right?... ...WRONG!! I just ended up piling bodies! GTAGrl and I get stabhappy! Dio and I go at it again... ...that damn broken bottle is really effective in his homeless hands... ...but not good enough this time around. Headshot on Giger... ...doesn't kill him but Jizzy is up there with plans of his own. Dio getting pistol whipped. Dio getting pistol whipped...again! Like shooting fish in a barrel. No mistakes in this race and I only came in third. After 1.5 million spent I should be able to repeatedly run myself off the road like the rest of you bastards. Yeah, Giger had no chance. GTAGrl and I covering our team. Giger getting taken out as he tries to kill Jizzy. Bones was really trying his best to stab Dio but kept hitting the ground instead. After seeing how much effort Bones is putting in, Dio just went with it and rolled over dead. Awwww, what a couple of buddies! This is how the winners of the race look like... ...versus the rest of us. And yes, I did do a big circle around those rocks as you can clearly see from the tread marks. Commando Dio ready to disembark! And away he goes! Uh oh! Critical failure!! One inch off the ground seemed to be high enough to knock Dio onto his back for awhile. Bike set up. Kuz getting taken to the slammer. And yes, I did add those extras in there. Awww! What happened to Princess Robot Bubblegum?!!!!! If anyone was gonna fuck this up it was obviously going to be me. I don't even know how I missed the track...probably because I was going backwards. Outta the way!!! Dio and I battling in the air. Gahahaha! Gotcha Dio!! Not quite sure how his parachute survived that. What really sucks about this pic is the fact that in the session his glasses also went flying but in the editor they just disappeared. Here's another quickly photoshopped angle. That's all! Time for some banner work.
  10. I don't ever remember seeing that type of NPC counter before so that was neat to watch. I wonder if our characters could do it. Probably not but who knows? And thanks GTAGrl! I had help from Dio and a bunch of YouTubers.
  11. Alright. Here's me sucking at photoshop: Hanging out on the deck by the beach Dio and Bones posing for the camera with GTAGrl and Petrie just hanging out in the back. "If all your friends jumped off a cliff would you?!"...well, I don't know about a cliff but seeing how easy it was to get them to jump off a balcony, then the answer would probably be a Hell Yeah! Dancing with with Dubbya Kuz! Driving like Nemo. What goes on in Bones' mind... ...versus what's really happening. "Dude! What are you on?! You gotta share." The IGTA short bus. We brake for no one. "That your stop? Then get the hell out!" Jizzy earning 9k. Driving with Dio. Dude you're supposed to stay on the track...and yes, I realize Dio won this race. Nothing quite like bleeding out of your eyes to sell the kill. That spot on the tree was like an invitation to get murdered. Bones be murdered. Even the gnome knew you were on a losing streak. Bones does not look happy. Just passing by a freshly murdered GTAGrl. Jizzy not watching his six. Kuz doing what Kuz does best. Bones getting murdered. Bones getting like really, really, really murdered. I know Dio didn't want to give me any credit but I was there too god damn it!!! And you know this isn't photoshopped because the quality is too good. Teamwork make GTAGrl go splat. A freshly murdered Bones (not by me). "Huh, This doesn't look right. You sure we're going the right way GTAGrl?" Bones playing it safe while letting Jizzy take the hits. Jizzy playing it smart and taking the high ground. He actually took Dio and I by surprise. Good thing I played it safe and let Dio take the hit (Learned that from Bones). Kuz saving me from GTAGrl's bullets. Gahahahahahahaha!.......hahahahahaha!!! That is all. Bones blocking some bullets with his face. Jizzy pulling a Kuz on Kuz!! And then Dio pulling a Kuz on Jizzy. Bones N' Blood. Dio: "Excuse me can I get a human burger?" After NOT getting a human burger Dio tries to beat the vendor senseless. "Get off me you damn dirty ape!!!" Dio getting beat up!...I did not see that coming. For a bunch of Apes we didn't really climb much. Aaand that's all. Here Bones! SORRY FOR WINNING YOUR DAMN RACE!!!!!!
  12. Um guys? The Statue of Liberty is supposed to be buried up to it's chest in sand by a beach! Go back and redo that banner you damn dirty apes!!