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  1. I just had to come back to my favorite fansite to post that this is is fucking awesome, and i cant wait to preorder. i'll probablly try and get a collecters edition or something when its released. (on a side note i find it funny Psy hands over the website only a few months ago and here we are now with the announcement of GTA V.)
  2. Not sure if this is the right section to post in but by all means please put it in the right one if it isn't. I need a youtube intro for my gaming channel on youtube. I honestly don't know where to look to find people that do know how if anyone knows where i can find these talented artits please tell me. I would like a graphic like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpYnEUAcQr0&feature=g-all-u except that instead of OpTic Gaming I would like TurBo Gaming. any suggestions would be apprceated and again sorry if this is in the wrong section.
  3. howdy howdy all, i'm technicly a new member but also not.. if that makes sense. put it this way. i havn't been on a Psy Operated forum since gta-sanandreas.com and well i'm back. well just wanted to introduce myself. and just cause i feel like it. heres some slight proof i was here b4... just not recently i belive this is from 2004/2003 holy crap that was a long time ago. anyway here: http://wre9920.tripod.com/ its the one titled GTA San Andreas xbox Trailer. anyways. Hello again! lol (that was not a reference to gta Liberty city stories easter egg.. lol or maybe it was... i'm rambling.. i'll quit now)
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    Portal 2

    first and formost, i'm glad to be back on one of the many Psy's gta forums. last one being gta-sanandreas.com so yeah havn't been on since about 2005 maybe even 4.. lol ( guess thats y i had to get my forum name back) any hoo does anyone happen to have portal 2? i need achievments and i can't find anyone online. its for 360 btw. and i platnumd this game on ps3 so i know what i'm doing. i just have to remember the levels lol