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  1. dog's who help u fight cat's scratch you'r face off
  2. Hope you can be part of the mob like boss of the mob or like if the guy has brothers you all are head and you can nogotiate with other mobs so get stabbed in the back or they join your mob and you stab them in the back instead and cop's come and warn you ''we are on too tour plans'' because you hire people too do illegal jobs for you like nick train track,wipe out other mobs,big time drug deal and warehouses full of your own weapons or dogy stuff. THAT WOULD BE SICK GTA will come out in august or october more deatail after max payne 3 gta wont come out on may 24 so max payne won't be overshadowed
  3. be able too buy fone's and top up or contract a fone that would be grat