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  1. Short horror story: One stormy night, Franklin returns home, takes few drinks, and one deep smoke, and went to bed. But night is not easy on him.
  2. Got new video: Land the chopper onto the railroad and wait for the train to come!
  3. Welcome - your favourite is wrong, blatantly Vice City was the best Haha, I agree that is it very good, but I and III are, imo, the most revolutionized games, and they had the most impact on me.
  4. Sadly, not any more. I did until 2 years ago when all the extras (food, suplements, eqipment) got too expensive for my incomes. I miss it, I still workout, but with limited investment in proper food. How about you?
  5. Getting Jet to the maximum height and bailing out and skydiving for more than 80 seconds and dropping in the center of the pool, without parachute
  6. Three of my biggest loves are Gym, GTA 5 and LEGO. Here are my sites: GTA V LEGO:
  7. Hi, I am new here and I hope to have fun and to contribute to this community. I am GTA fan from the beggining of the series, and V is my favorite, together with I and III. Recently I got into making short GTA V videos, example here: See ya all!