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  1. Hey y'all! Won't make it tonight working late but I did make a race, still needs some tweaking but it will be ready for MX night next week. Hope y'all have fun and catch y'all later ?✌?️
  2. Haha thanks Kuz, I'm happy to be the crew punching bag, but remember I hit back ???? and sorry I got disconnected last night y'all I really had a good time while I was on!!
  3. hey yall, here is a video from last night. sorry I had to cut it short, sucks being an adult lol. any who...hope yall enjoy
  4. Had fun last night for the little bit i was there, here are some snaps. Enjoy =)
  5. I am LOVING everyones snaps, by far one of my favorite theme nights! here is a video I put together, have to make room in my gallery for snaps...imagine that lol but anyways hope yall enjoy =)
  6. loving all the snaps and videos from everyone apparently I used all my likes for the day =) im alittle late but here are my snaps and video. I kept the video short and sweet really the only job I used was dios park because the bike helmets just fucked everything up lol hope yall enjoy
  7. LOVING the granny brains Dio lol... I didn't bother with any snaps but I did make a video. hope yall enjoy!!
  8. had a blast last night! got some great pictures & video. enjoy heres the video =)
  9. Awe thanks Gtagrl. After I uploaded it I realized I never went back and fixed the beginning where you have that black screen for a few seconds. Granny was mesmerized by all the new Valentine goodies lol
  10. haha love that pic dio! Here is my video, I also got a few snaps ill load them later. enjoy =)
  11. had a great time for the little bit I was there. Heres a video...enjoy
  12. I like the calendar/list of future crew night bones. I have a suggestion for one, and it's one I've mentioned before "freak show". Since we have all these cool new masks & facepaints I think it would be fun.
  13. last night was fun! here is a video and I was able to get a few pics...enjoy
  14. Had fun last night. Too many clips to take snaps so I made a video instead. enjoy =)
  15. I had fun last night for the little bit I was there, here are some pics. Hope y'all have a Merry Christmas!
  16. Good times✌ Since Halloween is quickly approaching (yay) may I suggest a "freak show" theme night?!? PLEASEEEEE ✌
  17. So im not doing a viewer night! too many creepers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha if they really want to play they will come to the forums and join the crew =)
  18. BOOBS HELP!!! lmao sad but true, the other night I showed NO cleavage and got only like 7 views and 2 followers...last night I had over 40 views and about 30 new followers! its the boobs im doing a viewer night tonight for only 10 people and was thinking about using some of yalls jobs for the playlist. With rules being no down votes or you will get kicked out type thing. Yall have any suggestions on which ones to use?
  19. Bones Bushka Jason I finally took some damn pictures =) and...I am now over 80 followers on twitch! boobs are a magical thing lmao!
  20. I enjoyed you beating up the boys lol, gotta love a fellow bully lol its sooooooo much fun!! haha
  21. lets just say...I HAD A BLAST!!!! thanks for choosing my theme too btw it was def a fun night!! and too "da da da dio" i promise to not bully you for a WHOLE week