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  1. The weapons in the GTA's , are a little stupid. When they write, Ak, they don't think that there are AK-47, Ak-12, And other Aks. What do you think about my topic, should the guns be the old and boring ones, or the ones like in battlefield 3??
  2. Something that really annoyed me in Gta sa and gta 4, is that the weapons are not different. for example, they write AK. There are so many AKs and you don't know with which one u are shooting, Akm, Ak-47, Ak-2, AK-14,or any other aks. In battlefield 3, it is better. So please say if you agree that the weapons will be similar in Gta 5, to the ones in Battlefield 3
  3. I think there should be enough safe houses, like 1 or two per island, but it depends from the size of the island. or it would be better to built your own
  4. Gas would be great, because it is a lille strange that you go for miles and don't run out of gas.
  5. When I stand in the corner, the swat comes one by one and in the game I killed them until I ran out of bullets. they also don't try to arrest you, they only kill you. they should also try to have bombs and other weapons.