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  1. There is def a big chance that Ned Luke look alike is the main protagonist and I do think he sounds American but there was info about him being something Da Silva, don't know how real it is and at this time most of the news you hear about GTA V is bullshit but it kinda makes sense him having a son (leaked info about voice actors for RUSH) as there was teen Da Silva. I don't mind playing as 45-50 year old as long as he is tough and he will be (name me at least one GTA protagonist that wasn't). Imagine guy who is something like british SS (i'm not trying to say he is from uk). most of them as far as I know are with a bit of life exp (nice way of saying old) and I still would not wan't to have a fight with one of them and I've been training boxing for almost 10 years. People like that are still used in most difficult military operations and they can not only base jump, fly planes and helicopters but they can kill you with fucking tooth brush. Now imagine one of guys like that turning bad because something happened and he need a lot of money it sound fun to me.
  2. I think it depends of how big the map is and if it is as big as we all hope then I think we need few more than in IV. The main thing about safehouses is that they would be more interesting than in IV. What I really want is mega yacht like in TBoGT that I could use as safehouse and go with it were ever I f**kin' want
  3. I would like V to have this feature, but it will work only if we can mod cars and make them unique only then I would spend money to fill it up rather then just leave it on the side of the road and then spend 1000 times more just to tune another car. Modern cars can do anything between 10 and 25mpg at full throttle, but that only means that this new feature does not get annoying and you have to do it only 10-15 times before you complete the story line. Mission prep would add going to petrol shop before you go to buy guns thats it.