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  1. It's rather annoying! There are so many improvements to be made. We need new hairstyles rockstar! (Also, stop bountys hiding in houses, stop people storing tanks in their garages, chill out with the LSPD please!)
  2. Just wondering, anyone know if there is some kind of quick way to deposit money rather than go to the maze bank app? I'm always forgetting to put money away, lol
  3. Thanks I'll give it a go Gunsmith, I think the one by rockford plaza is the best bet. And it's cool, I don't actually have any GTA friends anyway lol.
  4. I'll try leaving missions. It looks like carnage in there, thought it might be a laugh, apart from the amount of tanks, and I heard if someone blows your vehicle up in there you get charged. Has anyone here ever been there?
  5. I went around purposely blowing up vehicles one session, cost me loads and I still didn't get in. I heard it's quite fun in there.
  6. I really want to get into the bad sport pool, had plenty of warnings but have never actually been in. Any advice?
  7. I like seeing other Women playing games personally. I want to see more in sessions. There's nothing wrong with that, I have loads of fun playing with guys too, made some cool guy friends over xbox. The same thing happened to my old character Mercy!
  8. Thanks gtagrl I'll take a look
  9. Graffitigirl are you on xbox or PS only? I don't use a headset fondler lol, I can usually tell whether it's really a guy by the way they dress their character though
  10. I hardly ever meet other girls in Los santos which is a shame because I think it would be really fun! Let me know if you want to team up
  11. kerri93


    I would love GTA online alien invasion it would be the best thing ever!
  12. KLM sandwiches are the meaning of life.
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    Aw well It was exciting while it lasted. I didn't mind so much, just stayed away from the centre of town. Experienced a strange glitch earlier, my thrust disappeared so I was just floating around the city like pacman, good times
  14. My-eek (like Maiq the liar from TES)
  15. Abuse? Uh oh I'm worried now lol
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    Oh right I assumed it was rockstar!
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    What's going on with all these UFO's popping up everywhere?
  18. I live in the UK and my favourite European city is Barcelona, beautiful culture, cuisine and sights. There's nothing else like it really. If you're going to choose between London and Paris, definitely London. Paris is too expensive and fashion obsessed. Rome is worth seeing I guess, mainly for the Gelato though. Amsterdam seemed nice, but then I've never been outside of the airport
  19. I'm 21 from Cardiff, UK. I'm here because I'm becoming increasingly interested in GTA stunts, trying to find some good spots for motorbike jumps, also GTA photography, generally to interact with other GTA obsessed people really