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  1. made a job
  2. R.I.P Mr lahey 


    1. Jizzy


      I'm going to die of alcohol poisoning this weekend in his honor

    2. JustAn808


      Very sad to hear this news.  TPB has always been one of my favorite programs.  John Dunsworth was an amazing actor, definitely the best on the show. 

    3. Darth Sexy

      Darth Sexy

      I missed this. Lame. 

  3. Too Alpha and broke my mic also broke my fist and almost went to jail .. new controller on the way hopefully by igta night .. fml
  4. ps4 system software update 5.0 . 

    1. gtagrl


      Dark notifications, clock on the quick start menu along with more party options, organise friends into lists.

    2. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      wasn't as significant as i thought it would be...

    3. gtagrl


      I was hoping for larger chat parties...

  5. time stamps in comments and in description for funny moments
  6. Been dealing with a bunch of shit this week about to have my power shut off ,mom in in hospital ect.. so probably wont be on for while
  7. ill probably be there for a bit , do some burnouts and what not
  8. i hopped off mid list because i had to deal with some family stuff and was not sure how long as i was going to be , also the list was a bit 2 much melee for me , the button mashing was real , still had fun the short time i was there
  9. bf1 was like 48 gb what a dumb ass LOL
  10. going to skip tonight downloading battlefield 1 , have fun
  11. holy fuck bud the height ! did i shoot a random bullet ?
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    2. DiO


      I'd imagine the update will be live early in the day and will download. Be sure to turn on your system early and put it in rest mode.

    3. TreeFitty


      I clicked it just fine. *bow chicka wow wow*

    4. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      not for me, it just looks like text with no hyper...

  12. later start ? like 3-4 hours later , it happened last week too , and took 4 hours four them to fix
  13. not sure about tomorrow , I have to go out of town in morning I might be back on time, will definitely be there at some point in the night
  14. its not supposed to be hard . i wouldn't want you crying because you cant do the stunt because its to hard .. which usually ends up happening .
  15. fix first list my race has nothing to do with water , plus most people just end complaining . . but this one does
  16. hey nemo i use pink weapons to piss people off , also im not changing the colors of my weapons for nothing .
  17. where going thru them its easy .. you just hit the gas .
  18. new job