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  1. Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro I don't have internet other than wifi on my phone. I live in Europe not America, I don't have Twitter, or any of that constant-update bullshit. I don't need everyone to know what I'm up to either. The reason I have this phone is for it's amazing camera that I use when traveling (can't always carry a photo camera along), and for it's keyboard. Amazing price too tbh.
  2. Nice guitar! I own a Jay Sounds Musical Instrument electric guitar. It's actually my friend's first guitar but he gave it to me so I could learn to play. I've been playing for a year and a bit now, and am planning on getting an Epiphone Les Paul Standard (Ebony or Heritage Cherry) this Christmas. It's a guitar that comes in a package with amp for 80 dollars, so you can't expect much, but for the price it's excellent and does it's job (as for amp, I bought one last year, the Cube 30X). Looks like identical to the Fender Stratocaster! I also got a Yamaha acoustic, it's a lot better but I don't know the name. Peace
  3. Look into Lucid Dreaming. A really interesting subject. You can even play GTA 5 if you want.
  4. Hilarious video! And I see this thread has fallen victim to ViceMan and Massacre... I want to lick that tit
  5. I see that I am quite an inspiration to the world! Just joking. I like it; the music fits with the video, unlike the music in the remix that I made. I'm going to make another remix, but differently; I will re-make but use GTA V footage instead of that of SA.Peace
  6. What is the Asylum? The only related thought that pops in my mind is Batman Arkham Asylum; and I'm sure that GTA players have a better taste in games than that.
  7. I will be looking forward to the flood of noobs (n00bs?) roaming this site in the near future. Not sure if I've spotted any "distinctive humour" yet. Maybe something such as this emoticon: ?
  8. Aren't I supposedly a noob? Or what does noob apply to and in what context? A sucky GTA player or a newbie to the forums? Sorry for my noob questions.
  9. Very constructive! For the rest, yes it was good constructive criticism (*copyright Marney1) that I will use to further improve my masterpiece!
  10. What about the San Andreas credits thingey ( ); I could remake that but have GTA V behind the 'shades' instead of GTA SA.
  11. Perhaps if I'm bored again I'll make another with a better and more suited song. That should stop people from breaking my heart!
  12. I don't know; I just liked the tune and bass of the song. I took the trailer, split it up in many parts, found a song, and put together a new "trailer".
  13. I was bored today so decided to dedicate some of my time to remixing the new GTA V trailer with a more epic soundtrack! Here's the result: Watch in HD for full glory :-P