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  1. I play on a 67 inch Sony Bravia. Haha I love it. I've always played on small monitors and now I have the experience of the big one, and I will never go back. Haha
  2. errybody, feel free to add me, i gots no friends. i swap between rdr, gta v, and cod. i have some other games, but i don't really touch them much these days. I wanna join but you're at capacity. Request me if you drop a member or two? I'll add you on PSN regardless.
  3. I drive a '99 Ford Ranger that is without reverse at the moment, and it blows. I have to push it backwards all the freakin' time, and if I don't park strategically, it's a royal pain in the ass to get out. My dream car would probably be... I don't know. I've never really put the thought into it. A car is a car to me, as long as I have a radio and the ability to go somewhat kind of really fast, then I'm good to go.
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