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  1. Well not everyone uses the weapons cheat 10x Px I mean they could still be like 3-5 homless, possible junkies trying to jump you at once, you could get stuck:o But on the other hand they could have a bat and knock you out in one swoop, like when you betray Dwayne. I never betrayed him, would be messed up. Fuck you Playboy X!!
  2. Well, yeah. I mean it would get rediculous going to different streets just to get mugged everytime, and the paranoid thing was just a random idea to get people actually thinking persay. But people actually get paranoid if someone "follows" them for a period of time. Well, probably too much realism there, theres already going to be ALOT put into the game, to think that Liberty City was small compared to 5. We'l see what they put into it when it comes out, or the next trailer.
  3. Just imagine Just walking by and a random drug addict or even a whole group of petty thiefs goes up to you randomly at gun/knife point and asks for your money? What do you do? Give him/them the money? Try to get the knife out of his/there hand with little or no expierence and risk getting knifed/ gunned down? Or by learning awhile back how to actually defend yourself and take the knife from them and rough them up a little ;p and not just having to kick there asses depending how many there are, but also showing bruises, scares, and even cuts depending how inexpierenced they are and how strong you've gotten from working ass out in the gym. Or about having a random ped getting paranoid after following him for a considerable time? Having him/her freaking out, looking back constantly while whispering someone is following them on the phone, or even confront you. Just throwing some ideas out there ;p What do you guys think?
  4. Well, what I ment was like an offline option for people who can't go online, as in playing with A.I.'s but with like you place helicopters and whos in them and if there friendly, or on the other team. I HATE just going around killing cops and shit, no real challenge or real good expierence to be honest. So just random fights, chases both being the one thats chased and the one whos chasing the other person, with whatever weapons you choose they have and all that crap, sorry but I was ina rush when I posted this >.<
  5. Well, I can't explain it with just a topic title but, I was thinking they should probably well Make it well. Like I said it's hard to explain so I'l just tell you the idea. I hate it when you have to go around looking for gang-related or gang violence instead of constantly fucking around with cops So not why make a "scene" type of play, like you choose whos against you, swat, cops, gangs, peds, ect, and what they would be driving or have a weapon or what type of armor and how many of them there are, what kind of action changes the outcome like a train full of reinforcements or just a train crashing into somebody, or have some airsupport not just a bloody deathmatch but like anything you'd like like have a capture the 'flag' or something. Something for offline players such as myself because it gets pretty boring getting chased by cops or not chasing somebody else. I just had to get it off my chest, sorry if it doesn't make as much sense and I would like to go into more detail but I'd like to know what YOU think of my idea. Do you think they should have some sort of system like this? Or something entirely different?
  6. Really? How do we know that fo' sho'? Well we know that its deff not going to be in 2011 unless they hurry there asses up with a glitchy/buggy ass game with buildings flying and such.. Well it is MOST likely going to be in 2012 95% sure it will be.. It won't take two years.. But theres that possibility..
  7. It would probably be pretty big.. Probably consuming most country side that WAS around it because there basing GTA in realism Like how corrupt the system is, ect. There would probably be ALOT of country shiz as seen in the trailer. But theyd probably add gambling shiz well probably the major fundamentals that went with them.. Like las venturas was basically like las vegas.. Maybe they added some gambling area to it.. And the other city (forgot what it was called) was the 2nd to last to unlock in san andreas but anyway that city had quiet alot of facinating easter eggs.. And a GTA3 look to it I might say.. I just hope they spread the easter eggs like everywhere.. Alot of them.. One of the reasons why I explored the whole spangdoodle Well just one of them I'd like to get the fly cars cheat and take a hooker in a town where its all cow girls and such But yeah
  8. The should have more then just custom cars.. Like custom helicopters. I know sounds like a 5yr saying lets custom my garage to be a mega garage out of legos! But think about it.. If they bring back the airfield you owned back in SA (probably not) But if they did imagine customizing that to be like it starts up faster.. The design.. How fast it can go.. Rockets maybe? Minigun.. Like make it realistic.. Maybe 2 rotars? And buy additives to your safehouse,, Like to SOME safehouses.. Not like a heliport in grove street.. Like I see people complaining on having 600,000$ when finished with the game and having nothing to spend it on.. Have more selection on shit to buy,, Like buy couches.. furniture.. Maybe add a gym room or a free room to put whatever and different gym equip.. ect.. and upgrade so you have a patio.. Or a weapons room to store your weapons.. Or even customize your weapons.. Perhaps have customizable cheats.. because I might want the military issued sniper... But I also want the AK Not just a grouped up organized slot of weapons.. And get those modes back.. like inmenu cheats that effect the game entirely.. Like zombie.. Riot.. Shit like that.. I hope someone that knows rockstar or anyone on the top floor of the building could ATLEAST look at the possibilitys.. Maybe get better ideas or some shiz..
  9. I think it'd be just a rich antagonist at first then as the foreclosures build up and the skyscrapers get bigger. violence would be on the rise. Homelessness. Proverty.. While CEO's get 5-6 digit salarys.. Then they'd go from vinewood.. To the low class homes.. Maybe even in the tent towns you see in the trailer.. Then you struggle to make a living. wife gets shot? Or something bad happens to her because you know theres prostitutes But anyway.. He'l try to fight his way across Los Santos and beyond.. To find what he came for.. 'To live the American dream.' Or something like that.. I hope he'l be Tommy Vercetti.. He sounds a little older from his original version.. You guys see somewhat a resembolance in the voices eh? And in the trailer when there doing yoga(strentching, ect whatever) It looks like on the left that its Tommy vercettis old look from vice city.. Ina way... I probably added a little much and a little off topic about this.. Alwell Right* xD