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  1. [quote name=Freshsink950' timestamp='1321476106' post='1813 1]I had feeling Packie would appear. I LOVE YOU
  2. Haha, i really dont beleive in anything less its confirmed by R* But if dogs, and if there is, i really hope there could be some different dogs to pick from, and you could like have a relationship with it xD
  3. Seemed too good to be truth, and i dont beleive it 100%, rather 50%.. Everything was good, but i really wanted hair cuts and such..
  4. I think Street gangs should return. I remember how fun it was, specially if you played without cheats! The gang wars should be like a mode in multiplayer, 4 vs 4. And you got like 10 minutes to find what you needed, and then you meet up and fight! or something like that