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  1. Iam not trying to act like iam contributing shit.. Juicer most certainly is trying hard
  2. Shove the car up your pussyhole bitch.. Quite acting like you contribute with your dumb comments like then you gotta get a car!! How fucking stupid do the roids make you
  3. I wish these kids had school on the weekends too!! I want to play a little before work damnit!!!
  4. My character was saved but I used a mask and couldn't take it off so I put on a pair of glasses and now my dude is bald.. But same character... Even on the character wheel he's wearing the mask still
  5. Level 11 had 50k but shit happens.. Need a good partner for jobs , some are hard
  6. It made my friend lose his saved progress, but mine is good.. I played online but it said the cloud servers were down blah blah and no saving.. Before that tho I did the race and it froze like others have mentioned
  7. Selassie soldiers.. Just starting my crew.. Wanted to grab the name.. Ill have my RL friends that have ps3 for sure, but if you are into reggae music, smoking herbs and wanna join up for some serious work along with serious play, then link me.. Looking to live large.. Honest members only.. We help brothers and burn up bawty informa dem