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  1. GTA3 for the win! III is where my obsession started...
  2. Worker bots are like front line soldiers, but robots lol. The idea wasn't mine btw, im just interpreting it in 3d tbh
  3. Here's a low poly, in game version of the robot i posted on my old thread. Which colour looks the best?
  4. I think an announcement at either the next E3(June 7-9th) or some time early next year. I think an Easter or early October release.
  5. My old thread over at iGTA proved quite popular, and contained essential positive crit which helped my development as a games artist. This thread will contain my recent personal games art projects. Hopefully I should improve over time. I've almost finished something I've been working on recently, I'll post it shortly.
  6. lmao, rep... hows that work?

    1. TreeFitty


      It's easy: you up vote my posts, I down vote yours. We all win!

    2. DuPz0r


      ahh, ok i see.

  7. Hi, im DuPz0r. But you can call me dup, duppy, or Chris. I'm a hardcore GTA fan, with a passion for games. So much in fact, I decided to go to university to learn how to become a games artist. I've been on the local gta forums for years now and i still enjoy the odd discussion about past times.
  8. MyKeyboardHasANonWorkingSpaceBar!

  9. Check out yo' skill Psy