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  1. Nice way to ruin the balance of the game. Is it fun one hit killing everything?
  2. Never smoked weed and never probably will. Haven't got much of a desire to do it either. Not getting involved on the legal or not debate. But I know I will probably never smoke weed, as I am a super paranoid fuck at the best of times, so no way am I adding Marijuana paranoia on top of that.
  3. You're a sad man to do that. If someone offered me Skyrim a week early, I'd not pay £500. (I was going to say £100, but then I'm paying £130 for the collectors edition, so lol).
  4. It won't be just los santos. Rockstar wouldn't reveal everything in the first trailer, and wouldn't make it just los santos for the first GTA San Andreas revisit. My main concern is if they dare to make San Fierro and Las Venturas DLC add ons. As that, would be a fucking dick move.
  5. A few simple things. Dogs won't be in game, as hitting them with a car is not going to be allowed. It's no doubt going to be in the opening sequence and never appear again, or will just make appearances in cutscenes. The mountain looked climbable to me, though the draw distance seems very generous for this generation of games consoles. Also planes must be able to be flown, as why else would they include a new, super fast fighter jet esque plane, that is cleary flying low down through the city streets?
  6. At least we know why it was called GTA: V now, becuase calling it GTA: San Andreas would be somewhat confusing. and GTA SA2 isn't quite as catchy.
  7. Well... can kind of see it, still not sure: He looks like Frank West.
  8. That's pretty cool I guess, was quite exciting, but still didn't grip me enough. Something about it seemed new, yet still so much like GTA IV in a way. Not that keen on them redoing San Andreas either, but that's more personal, as I'm concerned it won't live up to the San Andreas we all played before. Everyones obviously going to be playing comparisions. Also what is it about GTA that makes everyone analyse the trailers so much? Nobody does it for other game trailers!
  9. the best car. The best interior.
  10. The name rings a bell indeed. I recognized MekStizzle quite quickly though. Shows how long I was a member on the old site. Weird I had to reregister for this and all that, but new sites and so forth I guess! Didn't know this forum has been around for this long even!
  11. Wish I knew how any of this stuff worked. So far out of the technological loop these days. Give me a cup of tea and a good back any day of the week and I'm a happy chappy.
  12. Hello hello hello, another new forum, more for me to get lost in. Doubt anyone remembers me. I had to browse to www.gta-sanandreas.com to find any of this, as fuck if I could remember the address for the GTA IV forum/website. How is all you guys?