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  1. I hope there's good old school music/ rap/pop/rock/jazz/Disco etc for everyone and up to date as well. Songs like Chris Brown-Fina china Drake-Versace Drake-Brand new Rihanna-Pour it up her top hits 2012-2013 ,Micheal Jackson- beat it Micheal jackson pretty young thing,His top hits. The wishpers-Beat goes on J.Cole-Crooked Smile Mark Morrison Return of the mack Little bit of lil wayne Trey Songz hit songz Gucci mane- wasted swedish house mafia - don't you worry child lil wayne- steady mobbin Drake start it from the bottom August Alsina-I luv this Sh*t For the HAterz NOt just RAp and ROCK and talk shows this to cause this is a worldwide game. some songz from older grand theft auto games Hope their are DLC's for radio stations people don't like
  2. I really hope there will be mailboxes to check your mail at any house I've Bought.Also, It would be awesome if you could cook dinner for the family & friends in game. Hope you can have spotlights lights on your cop car that works or you can customzation your police vehicles hope you can listen to police chatter in the cop car as well, buying a police scanner in game would be good for heist to rob the liquor store to know where the police sum it all just want it to be "Just Like Real Life situations"..!!