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  1. So the launch has apparently turned into one fucking huge fiasco. Fuck modern gaming and every goddamn suit making the calls based on charts and market studies, fuck them hard, I would totally tape myself torturing them with several gardening tools. I would prepare myself a three course meal and thoroughly enjoy my food as I re-watch the tapes, using one of these to scrape an eye out:


    If I buy a game, I expect to fucking play it, not having server issues ON A GODDAMN SINGLE PLAYER MODE.

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  2. I think Andy Carroll is OKAY, but he needs a wake up call. Football has too many players like Carroll, he could probably use an ass kicking to bring him down to Earth, and get that damn hair cut ya pansy.

    Expectations for CL final? Rooting for Robben here mostly, I love to see him play... his injuries really did a number on him, but this guy is FOOTBALL, just awesome.

    1:36, sexual goal scoring.

  3. Watched the Europa League final, conclusions:

    - Falcão is a beast, fuck Ronaldo and Messi, put Falcão in a proper top team and see this man break goal records, he's just magic.

    - Atlético played a fantastic game as a team, gave very little space, solid defending and attacking.

    - Sporting respected Bilbau too much, they are good, but not that good. A different attitude and maybe we could have been fighting in the final (and probably get hammered by Falcão).

  4. this topic is fucked... thanks, i am gonna ruin your football topic when it gets bumped...


    OK, I've only watched one Football game (other side of the pond Football), and I liked it, it was the Superbowl thing, and I know it was Tom Brady's team vs a guy that is supposedly a virgin, I can't remember his name, either way, they both did great. I couldn't watch the whole game, but that Brady guy looked very good.

    And how can you say anyone gives Football (the real one) a bad name when the OP himself went full retard while opening the topic.

  5. Ok Marcus, I don't know who you are or who do you think you are. I'll say this once and only once: You watch it brah, you godamn watch it. I'll have none of it today, pick your next words carefully.

    As for the topic itself: Newcastle 0 - City 1, great goal by Yaya, City are nicely in their way for the title!


    Premier League:

    Hope City takes it this year, tired of United, they have played like shit all season.

    Portuguese league (the league no one gives a fuck about):

    Porto takes it again, Portugal is a shit ass country raised on corruption in every field, that includes Football, fuck 'em.

    About the Saturdays Cup final:

    Liverpool only woke up after Carrol's goal, it's a final, they needed that second half pressure all game. I think it's a fair result, Chelsea was very objective in their attempts, an old team that has something other teams don't: ice cold nerves. Ramires is playing like a beast btw, love to see dat nigga play.

    Moment of the year:


    -Patricio's last second save against City, header by Joe Hart.

  7. I hate those fuckers at GAME, I've only ever did one pre order for a game, and it was there. I'm not going to tell you niggas what game it was, you'd make fun of ol' cuda boi, lets just say that game sold a lot, so much that the queues on the release date went all around the mall.

    So anyway, I get there on the day, and the queues are fucking immense, I know they didn't have enough games for all those people. So I did what I do best, went scouting all through the line, found a guy I knew, and parked my ass right next to him and his GF (he had her come in earlier IN THE MORNING to save him a spot), I got my game and soon they were out of boxes, shitheads.

    Waved my box to everyone else in the line too, now what fuckers? yeah that's what.

  8. this looks interesting, but alas... everyone knows my situation... i don't really like or watch TV, nor do i pay for extra TV channels like HBO... i am kinda curious about this series and boardwalk empire though... HBO has the most interesting TV shows i think...

    this series always reminded me of a video game for some reason... you just backed that thought up, dup :D...

    who watches tv these days anyway? i download everything i want and just watch it when i have the time. it's not like these shows make it in portugal as soon as they come out in the US.

  9. The americans need all you UK soccer supporters over there, you guys know how to cause a ruckus for police. These americans just sit around and watch a girl get dragged by her hair by cops.

    You mean like this?

    I guess they get what they deserved. Either way I lol'd.

    portuguese team ofc.

    check second 51, bottom right, you'll see this guy in a white shirt running and just faceplanting in the most hilarious way.