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  1. I used to play Battlefield 3 a lot, and I agree with the other posters that it was fun at first, but the reason why I eventually sold it was because they started to allow players to rent their own servers and make up their own rules. I didn't think that doing that affected the gameplay too much, but at the time I just decided to move on to something else. The thing I liked most about that game was that the online maps were huge and nicely detailed. It was similar to an open world game like GTA on some of those maps. Another thing that was nice about that game for me was that for the most part people would immediately jump in a tank or plane and go off to shoot at each other which would leave me pretty much alone to sneak around the map, capture flags, and explore the really pretty landscape. In that first person shooter I really didn't have to do that much shooting at people if I didn't want to, and the only annoying thing was that people would like to sneak up behind you and cut your throat (the animation when that happened was shocking by the way, and I never could get used to it), but, it was a well done game. Even the smaller, close quarters maps like the train station in Paris had a open world feel to them because you didn't have to take the same path to get to where you wanted to go every time. I used to be active on the Battlefield forums and I know that a lot of the military strategist/teamwork people would get upset because no one would talk on their headset, or would go off on their own and not do anything to help the team or squad or whatever they called it. However I'd say in my experience about 90% of people who were playing Battlefield 3 when I was playing regularly, were just running around, blowing up stuff, shooting anything that moved,basically the stuff you do in GTA. I think that Battlefield 4 might be a good buy for GTA fans when you inevitably get stuck on a mission and want to try something else for a while.
  2. In San Andreas I would go to the Diner just west of the airstrip in Bone County and get a Semi, attach a trailer to it and try to drive all the way around the map without jack knifing or otherwise wrecking it. I'd also spend a lot of time flying that giant 747 that was stored at the Las Ventruas Airport, and tryng to land it at the 4 airports without wrecking it.