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  1. Good work. Just came across this and found it be very familiar. Seems it looks legit enough for some people. http://www.ps3-talk....tter-feeds.html
  2. Second trailer of course. Screenshots are too lame and a demo spoils too much. Same goes for the map. Yep the trailer it is for me. I say it hits end of january or early feb.
  3. Loved this game on the ps2. Was really a refreshing experience back in the day. Unfortunately (like someone stated above) the final third of the game was quite unrealistic which took something away from the experinence. Still one of the great titles for the ps2, and if anyone still plays ps2 out there i highly recommend to pick this up.
  4. Yeah that would be cool, but only if activated cheats hinder any progress made in terms of achievements, trophys, general game progress, stats and so on.
  5. Okay from the top of my head: - a vast countryside - K-DST radio station - bycicles - the ability to take pictures - driving school - easter eggs Basically everything what made SA that awesome.
  6. If the pattern from IV stays roughly the same then the next trailer could hit early february. Trailer #1 - 29.03.07 Trailer #2 - 28.06.07 Trailer #3 - 06.12.07 Trailer #4 - 27.03.08 GTA4 release - 29.04.08