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  1. wait if were talking multiplayer or single player i'd say this SINGLE player: basic customization like hair styles,clothes, everything that everybody mentioned etc. would be great. (cept weight and muscle was announced to not work with single player characters because it would be to nearly impossible to remodel the physical condition of all three characters and keep the same scale of detail and graphics that theyve already worked so hard on. MULTIPLAYER (yes! ) on the other hand players in multiplayer SHOULD be able to have FULL customization of there character. am i right? thats what ya'll want right? hell, let us customize our looks to be pedestrians, police, SWAT, FIB, Gangsters, muggers, all that. or a Loner what do yall think of being able to work with your prefered faction in free roam multiplayer? if you like the LSPD you can work along side them to stop crime, or just seriously shut down sum giddy crazy ass players that like to disturb the peace. IF there are gangs in GTA5. you can side with these random gangs. EX: grove VS ballas VS the warriors or what ever. have gang wars with other gangs while evading the law using YOUR custom made character to make your own decisions on whos side you wanna be on. do what the hell ever. no restrictions. random loners should most definetly still be welcomed into gameplay (expect them to get shot though if they try something funny.) what ya think of that? thats not too complicated is it? sound like a bright idea? anybody follow what im sayin? feel free to share your opinion with me.
  2. a real INOVATIVE experience. I dont liike it when a company spoon feeds a features one game installment at a time. i wanna see some real character customization in dead redemptions set character factions were cool but got stupid and flawed because nobody wanted to follow a faction plot. free character customization is the way to goto if players dont comply with a faction. i want alot of dlc for the console not just the pc too. have you seen what they had in the PC version of gta4 compared to console versions? its crazy. makes me realize i was missing out.