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  1. I don´t know if just me recognized an similarity to the Las Vegas-sign on the pest control vans.. But i think it could be a signt, that Las Venturas is also available in GTA V. What do you tink?
  2. The same animals like in RDR would make sense. Maybe there will be a couple more. But most of them would only make sense in desert, wood or mountain areas. Dogs in the cities. Somebody who´s passing by with rollerblades and a dog on a dog leash. It would also be cool if there are hunting missions or you can go hunting whenever you like and maybe sell meat to restaurants and fur to boutiques to make money, or go hunting just for fun. Riding horses in the desert, catch venomous snakes and assassinate somebody with it. Endless opportunities..
  3. Just wait for the next trailers. I think there will be more cities, not only Los Santos. Three Cities - Three Trailers. First one was Los Santos for the main city in the game, then in the second trailer there will be San Fierro and in the third one Las Venturas. Rockstar want us to be nosey.. By the way: the interstate 5 also leads to san francisco.