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  1. like the movie the town where they rob banks that movie was sick.... that was organised shit lol... five stars for that lol
  2. It would hardly give the game an extra fun factor though, c'mon. yeh your right... i wouldnt want it too buh i know some guys who want that feature but i dont know why they would want that because it would make game play awkward.... but it can be an option if people want it in their gameplay
  3. lol yes sorry its slang for isnt it..... Why not? I just think this game should be GTA V, not San Andreas 2. Yea leave san andreas stories for sa2 gta3,4,5 are the flagship gta games. I really really hope we r not black, by the name of cj. I don't see how u will revolve around the gangs if your a middle aged white guy... If ur black or Hispanic I can imagine but southern cali isn't all just gangster minorities Maybe pop in some yakusa or triad gangsters or a cali biker gang. That would b dope to battle skinheads hmmmm yeh i get what you guys are talking about....
  4. hahahahaha yeh true..... but it all sounds creative and stupid at the same time lol
  5. Yeh true i would want a clutch.... but it can be a option inni
  6. yeh your right...was there any in gta4? ohhhh yeh there were but they wasnt really in any missions or there wasnt any gang missions inni Why not? I just think this game should be GTA V, not San Andreas 2. true..... i get where your coming from... but i would love gangs there tho..... its san andreas which was known for gangs inni
  7. ummmm... i suggest they do that if they want clutch... but clutch is annoying... lol
  8. lol yeh man buh people would say shit inni... hopefully they do have it lol... driving drunk was jokes... imagine driving high lol
  9. Why not? Gangs made things intresting and being chased by them too.... and forgot to mention drivebys lol...
  10. They should have the option on the settings for that.... so we can choose if we want a clutch or not
  11. Who thinks we will have car mods? because san andreas had car mods so maybe this new one would have it too???
  12. i hope they have san fierro and las venturas... but the trailer is a trailer and it doenst show everything.... jus a tease... but maybe closer to the release date there may be another trailer which shows other areas in the game... i hope rockstar gives us that....
  13. hopefully they do have gangs in the new game it will be a better game... gta4 ddnt have gangs so going back to the hood would be a good change... cos honestly i cant be bothered to hook up my ps2 to play san andreas so i jus play gta4 and get bored lol
  14. That would be pretty cool if they let us do that buh i fink that they will say shit like its sending a bad image for kids....