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  1. It's really fucked up to make a trailer with absolutely nothing in it, no names, no release date, only a city with some talking Rockstar has been working on this game for over 4 goddamn years, and they won't give us any info? that's fucked up.
  2. Last time I checked all GTA games have been released in october except chinatown wars. IV was headed for an octover 07 release but got delayed till april. How would it be stupid to release it in october? Given E3 is a month or so before it would make perfect sense. Due to the fact it would be a 4 year span of games, if GTA IV Was released when it was supposed to be, then it would be 5 years, Rockstar Won't wait that long.
  3. For the People who picked October, You think Rockstar is that stupid to release it that late? they have been working on this game since 2007/2008 likie they alwasy do with GTA games, Max Payne won't sell 1/4 of what GTA does. but then again this is an opinion
  4. I did not make this account just ti post that, this is just the first topic i clicked on after making my account' Bad choice on my part
  5. For all the stupid asses who think marijuana isn't a drug, hate to tell you this, but yes it is. And this is a very stupid idea, if you want that shit, go play Saints Row