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  1. Everything is very noticeably faster here!
  2. Bottom of the page, in the middle, there's a "Theme" drop down
  3. I remember this guy from a while back, shame to hear.
  4. Yep newcastle just got upgraded apparently they throttle the upload, but ive never seen it happen so far, but i dont really upload so... on the whole VM are decent, i usually hit the full 50Meg, and i havent seen torrents affected that much, but im always at work during peak times so i wouldnt see it anyway
  5. Not in the way of after you download a certain amount, but they do throttle bittorrent and newsgroup data during peak hours
  6. Be* are awesome ^^^^ i used them at my parents, only reason we didnt get it here is because we can get cable, so can get 50Meg, at parents i only got abouy 7meg max on be, cause the phone lines take some retarded route from the exchange
  7. Sheep

    Portal 2

    Ive got it, its awesome, i'd say theres more than 6 hours gameplay though
  8. Home connection upload speed just got upgraded
  9. Work connection, usually faster but theres like 700 people using it at the minute
  10. Probably still on the server somewhere, have to ask Psy
  11. Thread we have on the old forum, show us how awesome / not awesome your internet speed is I'll go first Obviously love the download, but the upload could be a lot better
  12. Yeah emoticons are being worked on Just enabled the double post merger too
  13. No worries, if you do need to make a new account copy the ntuser.dat file form your old profile to the new one, that shoul transfer the majority of your settings too. Let me know how you get on
  14. Could try accessing your files through c;/users/marney/ from another account, it should prompt you for a username to access them, just put your windows login details in and it should let you in, least that way you'll be able to save your files
  15. Suppose we could setup a paypal button or something, and members just add their forum username to the comments bit so we know who its from?.. OR just subscribe on igta and get in touch with an admin and we'll sort you out over here too
  16. Damn earthquakes robbing me of my precious milliseconds
  17. Haha we arent planning leaving we're still in contract just wanted the 5meg upload early cause we arent meant to get it until july >_< Anyhoo back on topic, get back to me on that ^^ in chat or something
  18. Hard to say, they all have their good parts, but overall i'd have to say GTA 3, that kept me playing for months on end