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  1. After watching Trevor cruise around with a Five-star wanted level I found myself a little concerned.. If I remember correctly, a five-star was the new maximum wanted level in GTA V, yet there were just a few police cruisers as well as a couple choppers after him.. Is there gonna be a military presence or not? I'd be okay with nothing but police and SWAT waves but I was really looking forward to some military force.. Whadya think...?

    I posted this a while back and never got a reply so I thought I'd repost it because it's still bugging me..

    Its possible that swat only comes around in the city and not the rural Blaine County. With that said, military forces may work in the same way. and i do hope that there is some type of military presence outside of the base that has been mentioned.

    Well that was kinda my point, Trevor had a five-star out in the country with nothing but police and SWAT on his ass..


    If they dont iclude the military i would understand why. its because theyre still trying to focus on the whole realism thing so with the cops the most they would do is have SWAT involvement, like in IV. realistically the military is never called overf one guy. in place of the military part will probably just be a more agressive SWAT team

  2. Car customization is gonna be cool. makes me wonder what all can be created like lifted trucks or lowered cars. it definetely will be interesting to have so many options for alll customization.

    Shipwrecks are the big mystery that intrigues me. u can hide alot of things on a cargo ship makes u have to wonder what someone would sink it for in the first place. has to be something pretty valuable.

    A couple things I noticed noone has touched on or gotten around to analyzing yet ( here and youtube):

    -Bullet GT at 0:46

    -A truck resembling a Ford F250 at 1:16

    -Audi parody in Micheals driveway

    -Numerous types of sheriff and police cars widely varied

    -A suburban type vehicle at 2:59

    -A ford F150 or new Dodge Ram type truck pulling a trailer loaded with a boat also 2:59

    -4:28 features a returning Emperor and Chevy cobalt type

    you forgot 1 -A Cadillac Escalade lookalike a 1:59

  3. Ah, nice 'n clean now.

    Marijuana dispensaries. Opinions?

    When I saw this in the vid, I started stressing. I'm hoping it's cosmetic (like a little animation that plays when you switch to Franklin occasionally) rather than being a functional shop.

    As we learnt last month, the Australian Board of Classification has a real problem with drug-use (if it's interactive or rewards the player at all), and if we're huffing medicinal marijuana to increase health or stamina or anything REMOTELY like that, us Aussies are not going to get the game...

    There was only a handful of other things that I thought they may take issue with, and that was animal cruelty (but they seemed fine with RDR and Farcry 3), nudity/sexual content (again, they were fine with TLAD, TBOGT, Blood Dragon, Max Payne 3 ect.) and Trevor's gas can (but setting people on fire is in most sandbox games, even animals), so we SHOULD be okay as long as Trevor doesn't get a turbo boost from smoking a crack pipe or something...

    i mean no offense by this but why does your country care about something like that at all it seems like a stupid thing to worry about when i can bet theres a lot more serious things to worry about

  4. I still have my fingers crossed for snow at the top of the larger mountains.
    anyone remember a while back when all that information was released by a supposed Rockstar former employee. I'm notin any way validating hat he said but he mentioned there being snow, I remember. I really hope that if nothing else he is right about that