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  1. Were bodykits mentioned as a part of car customization?

    I'd just like to point out the custom wheels on the Sabre. Hard to see but you can tell they're not the factory ones.


    Also the hood is diffrent from the one trevor is driving.

    I think the bumper might be custom too

    I hope suspension modifications arent just to lower a vehicle. I pray that you'd be able to lift them too

    Just think.... Jacked up pickup driving through the deep woods or up a mountain = BADASS

    why through the woods, why not over all the rich ass mother fuckers cars in the city

    Thats a given nobody can resist the urge to drive over the snobby bitch in the turismo

    I had the most fun in gta 4 with the patriot even tho it had those ghetto ass rims

    I am really hoping that the suspension won't be so soft if you can modify your truck to have a huge lift kit. If anyone saw the monster tuck mod in gta 4 you'll remember that the suspension was so soft that you barely inflicted damage to the car you ran over. So I'm hoping for a firmer suspension