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  1. Merry Christmas all! Have a blessed one ;)

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      Don't tell me what to do...

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  2. Rockstar should make it more realistic. I mean, cop in big city should bring more weapons or modern weapons but if the cop in country side as well bring an old weapons and also if they are catching thief it has to be with dogs!
  3. fuckin awesome lads! Just figurin out how to survive from the sharks!! love Trevor's style!
  4. i think it has to be Groove's and Ballas's rivalry still exist, we can see in few areas or territories they fighting, shooting, killing, attacking other rival's area!
  5. Honestly, what i'm searching/looking in GTA5 is the realistic. You can walk out the street, killing people, stealing car and many more. These things that can't be found in another game. i expect GTA5 has to more realistic. There should be more shops, big malls, stadium and also Rockstar has to make the buildings more realistic like in Sleeping Dogs. I know we can't enter all of buildings just few of them, but if u realize and take a look in other GTA, the graphic in the shops and buildings or others that we can't enter are fuc*ed, ya know what i mean it just like a poster and the picture is blur!!! Rockstar should make people in there searching and buying some clothes and also we can see that in front of the window. i mean this is just for the buildings or shops that we can't enter. In GTA4 the buildings is just a window, i don't see people working in that, or walking...it just a fuc*ing window.
  6. you don't need to know anything bout me, at least i don't anything to share with.

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      A two minute search revealed that you are a sexual deviant, with a particular lust for shemales wearing pink gingham dresses who like to choke themselves to the music of Wagner.

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      I can tell from the way you smell your a dirty cornball honky.... So theres that.