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  1. Nice sunset shot with Franklin on the balcony of some nice crib.
  2. I do hope it is the way you say, really hope. One thing is out for me for sure, Pacific Palisades. :/
  3. Now I really dont know what to think of about the city size, some screens seem to tell us it is big, some not and now the map which actually have few streets, the only hope is that it only shows the main streets and there are many more.
  4. I would prefet LV, buying businesses ? gambling ? like GunSmith117 said casino heists and also some nice real estate.
  5. That new screenshot with the heli above Pacific Palisades and that "little" piece of stretch of the pacific coast highway from bottom right corner to the tunnel entrance show actually how big the city is, so those who talk shh on the city size maintain silent Edit: This one stretch is like 3/4 of the "central park" in LC
  6. First buy GTA V, then talk again. Those things I mentioned were already confirmed dude so I dont need to buy it to know that. Many people complained about the property buying, maybe R* will change it.
  7. I would be happy with LV only, damn all I was wishing for in new GTA was the location (which in 50% is the one I wanted) and the property buying to be back, both appear not to be in the game entirely. Come on LA is the best place when it comes to properties, all those different style estates and you are just not able to pick the one you like the most to live in ? That's just not right.
  8. Not even a highway but highways, few of them I think. @TreeFitty: I read that, so I wrote that I "hope" for it and of course hope is a lead to dissapointment, either way I still want to see what those little towns look like and there are only few screenshots that show a bit of them, as Dan Houser stated we could play around those little towns but actually im not seeing that happening cuz they seem boring.
  9. Yep I do suggest a city, I dont know if a big one but they got the terrain so huge that it could be a big one aswell, more likely Las Venturas seeing those desert areas with cactuses etc. At least that is what im hoping on, I barely visited SF and stayed almost all the time in LV.
  10. Does anybody noticed that there are basically no screens that show us those other towns? There are some with rural look but they look too small to be called a town, most likely a village of some sort, all those highways and train tracks, seriously what they would be there for if not for another city ? Highways connecting small villages??...c'mon
  11. That airplane got dual engines, hmmm I think the wheel docking is opened and it seems like the rear wheels are in a "row" just like in Antonov cargo planes. Maybe it is a huge cargo plane.
  12. The one between the plane and the train does look like the one on the upper screen tho.
  13. http://www.igta5.com...r-alamo-sea.jpg I think this one pretty much solves how massive the terrain actually is, plus I think it's more to that, because I still don't know where to put the desert area. It looks very flat and a bit big. http://www.igta5.com...-motorcycle.jpg
  14. You're head was broken a long time before these screens.... "Your" <<