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  1. I'm totally agree with you.You'r 100% good here that to use more disc space to make the under water thing possible. but i hope they figure it out because id like to be able to swim under water. I agreed what's said above!!!
  2. My list included: 1. GTA San Andreas. 2. Radio X - SA. 3. Radio Los Santos.
  3. The design of your car exposing your status.I currently have Ferrari 458 Italian in red color...
  4. I'm always been freak about the fast foods...Pizza with coke... I love pizza...Ymmmmm
  5. Hello everyone!!! my name is Alexander.I'm newbie here.I'm 25 years old.I love playing games.I just found this forum at google.I seen some interesting threads and posts so I thought I would sign up. I would be happy after entering this wonderful forum which might be nice and interesting ideas from lovely people here.I hope that there will be great fun here.