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  1. No one could be that stupid to think SA's graphics are anywhere near as good as GTA 5'
  2. I just think with a world as big as GTA 5 and for them to say they are having a full economy to spend your money on, then they need to include alot of these things to make it feel like a real world and even add more things as DLC later on to expand it. Its gonna be 5 yrs prob until the next GTA games comes out, so the more u give the players to do, the more they will come back. When we talk about economy in this game, we should have these. 1.Multiple dealerships for cars,trucks,ATV's,dirtbikes,etc... with a autoshop so if it gets damaged, u take it there to get fixed or if u want to detail/customise it. 2.Places to upgrade our homes 3.Gun shops to buy and customise our weapons 4.Variety of clothing stores with options to buy jewelery and other accessories 5.Carnival with all rides working and ticket booths to buy tickets or wristbands 6.Tattoo shops 7.Variety of different types of food to eat. Pizza,hot dogs,hamburgers,fries,fish,rice,etc... 8.How about a place to go and buy new combat moves to learn. 9.Pet shop since animals are in the game 10.Full casino There is so much they can do to this game to make it great in so many ways. I'm hoping we hear soon what ideas they have for this economy so we get an idea of the direction they are going with it.
  3. I'd like to be able to upgrade our houses like add a pool table or new furniture n electronics. Customise our vehicles and weapons. Walk into a bar and be able to play pool,poker,texas hold em or one of those electronic slot machines. Tons of mini games like mini golf,pool,bowling,water skiing,carnival,arcade,go cart tracks,destruction derby and ALL playable co-op with your friends in free roam. Hopefully there's tons of stores to be able to go into like a mall,gun shops,car shops,furniture stores,sports stores to buy different golf clubs,shoes,gloves,skii's,etc.... The more the do, the better. I'd even add some in with the dlc.
  4. i think the more things to do in this game, the better. Bring back bowling and pool,but just tweak them a little more. The carnival in the background of one of the photos should definately be available to use. Poker,Texas Hold Em and other card games should be in as well. I'd like to play quarters in the bar. They could make the controls like they did in Leisure suit Larry n just use the right stick to bounce the quarter in the cup, which brings me to another thing, why not let us go around and buy beer and the more we drink,the more fucked up we get and the less we'll be able to see. There is so much that they could do to this game to make it the ultimate game. Look at PS Home, there are soooo many ppl that enjoying going there walking around and playing those little activities and mini games. They could even add chess/checkers tables at some of the parks in GTA. They said they have a full economy with tons of more things for players to spend their money on, I cant wait to see what they have in store for us
  5. I'm hoping we can use the environment as a weapon like sleeping dogs did. That was great being able to throw ppl in dumpsters,drop an engine block on their head,toss them into the aquarium glass and watch it break and all the water and fish spill out on the floot or ram their face in a fan n watch it shred.
  6. One thing for sure is they better make all minigames and activities playable in multiplayer.
  7. I just want them to keep expanding the open world like even though we may see ppl playing tennis, that doesnt mean that we will be able to play tennis. Add that activitiy as DLC then. The more things we can do in this game, the better.I was really upset that we werent able to go on the carnival rides in GTA 4 and so were many other ppl. While some ppl dont care about stuff like that, alot of ppl do and it adds more to the game. Definately add a bunch more side missions