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  1. - Lots of buyable safe houses. - Garages (please for the love of god bring them back, i don't want to park my precious cars on the street where some idiot can crash into them). - Realistic pedestrian-cycles, ie very few people and cars on the streets at night (expect for gangsters, hookers, less pedestrians and cars in rural areas and quieter suburbs etc. - Massive countryside/wilderness. - Burglaries, holding up stores and banks. - Monster trucks. - Stadiums (stunt bikes, nascar, demolition derby)
  2. Yes i remember. We first got the internet when i was about 13, and that was just dial-up. Wasn't until i was about 16 that we got broadband. I certainly don't miss the pre-broadband days.
  3. Viking


    I love some tattoos, it really all depends on the design and how unique it is. I have to say i die a little inside when i see people walking around with the same old unoriginal shit stamped on them, ie crosses, stars, arm bands, Chinese letters, 'tribal' nonsense, childrens names etc. But each to their own i guess. I have one tattoo on my wrist myself, and another is in the pipeline. Both vaguely Nordic/Pagan designs.
  4. Hello. Im new. Im afraid i have nothing else to say at this point.