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  1. Hello, I'm new here and I was just wondering if anybody else on here skateboards. If so, what setup do you have. Right now, I have an enjoi white lighter deck, zoo york wheels, independent trucks, and hkd bearings. Haha, I figure at least one person will comment saying that they like " my " Hello Kitty backpack.
  2. I have a 1987 1st Gen Toyota 4Runner. It is my first car. Its not in the best condition right now but it eventually will be, hopefully. For my " dream car " I would love a 1989 Porsche 911 Turbo, preferably black or red.
  3. Silvertone 1415 My great great uncle bought this back in the 60's and it has been passed down in my family. I don't know much about it and its really hard to find this exact model on the internet, which I think is pretty cool. Galveston WJ 750 Ibanez Gax70
  4. I've played all of the AC for the consoles. Imo the first one was too repetative and got kinda boreing but the second one was amazing and it got me actually into the story. Brotherhood and Revalations were also amazing but I think the main stories were too short and like some of you said non of the games are very fun after you beat the story.
  5. I remember sitting in front of the hotel where you do the valet mission and I heard an explosion and everyone around me died and I got out and a bi plane crashed right behind my car. I thought that was pretty cool.
  6. Midnight Club is an ok series, not the best, not the worst. I got MC LA complete edition but tbh its kind of boreing. No hate, just my opinion.
  7. I remembe playingr GTA III and Vice City when I was a kid driving down the street hitting people on motorcycles seeing how far they would fly, then I remember when San Andreas came out and i loved jumping the mountain bike off of Mt. Chiliad and trying to survive. After that my parents went through a stage where they didn't want me to play GTA but I used to borrow my friends Vice City Stories for the PSP. About 2 years ago I got Vice City and San Andreas for the PS2 again and I relived the fun I had when I was a kid but I made the stupid mistake of tradeing my PS2 and all the games for RDR, which was a stupid mistake I know. But I have IV and EFLC but imo they arn't nearly as good as SA or VC.