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  1. My lifes song is the macarena

    1. DuPz0r


      You may as well have been born on a holiday camp! xD

    2. DJ Nuggets

      DJ Nuggets

      I must be the next prophet or something..with your powers combined!

  2. People think they can outsmart me...But can they outsmart nuggets?

  3. What pisses me off is people that can't just respect a decade of music or even an artist. It's like just chill the fuck out and listen to your own shit
  4. Marney knows whats up!! That shit is awsome Robins lol
  5. i've been 5 miles into Utah..had to turn around AZ,Cali desert, and New mexico kick ass. TN Is okay Nashville is awsome memphis..not so much.
  6. Virginia doesnt get any snow watchu talking bout willis. just saying
  7. My name is nuggets, and im an alcoholic.
  8. I remember in grade 4 when we got to go outside for a while, some of my friends and I were throwing rocks at these mailboxes far far away. One of them grabs a huge ass rock ( Bigger than a baseball ), and chucks it at the mailbox. As soon as he threw it a giant pick-up truck comes along and got to witness the dent in his mailbox. We pretty much booked it out of that situation.
  9. So who else here likes Ice hockey?? Go Flyers.

    1. CommanderShepard
    2. TreeFitty


      Devils fo life yo and FUCK THE RANGERS.

    3. DJ Nuggets

      DJ Nuggets

      Shepard..ew just ew.and gonna have to agree with you there Fitty

  10. Thats freaking awsome Mass. I play hockey as a goalie so that totally reminded me of myself of when i first started to play.
  11. DJ Nuggets...Lawl. Lol, you really did it. Yeeup
  12. Its a V6 you can swap the engine with a V8 Caddy engine..if i do get it from my Grandma i will definetly look into that..and waay more under the hood aftermarket parts.
  13. Lol ya if you hit 70 mph in it the revs are at 5000..
  14. VA I'd watch out, QD is from Virginia too, you're more at risk than most of us. Probably best to weld steel plates over your arsehole before it's too late. I've heard wild stories. *Puts up defensives around house*
  15. Meh i would assume its like any other country (Havent been outside usa) We got some problems though. But the gun laws here are pretty nice not as strict as i hear in other countries.
  16. I Gots a Dimebag, epiphone les paul..have a crate amp i use alot another crate amp then hartke cabnet that go together..pod xt live, lots of other pedals..have an actual distortion controller that the band BOSTON used way back in the day.