GTA 5 First Official Trailer

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Some screencaps below. Check out the rest in the GTA V image gallery:

jogging hikers walking guy robbery foreclosure red car chase fire vinewood gta v logo

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Comments (103)

  • bottomline (Guest) July 12, 2012
    what i want to see is: the map (locations not necessary, just to have a glimpse at the scale we're talking and a roundabout idea of where the airport will be etc). a short list of what things you can do, like the major things such as: can you get buff and fat etc and whether it will be open world from the start or, like the others, you have to unlock areas. and will the police be douches like in #4 where 2*s and they didn't arrest, they just killed. that is all i, at this point, would like to know.
  • Mike123 (Guest) March 15, 2012
    Thank Christ for Rockstar showing skin again. I was a little bothered by Niko lack of t shirts and shorts. It's nice to introduce layers to clothes but we don't have to use it all the time.
  • Akuma (Guest) February 29, 2012
    it looks incredible
  • Lukey boy (Guest) February 29, 2012
    i would like to see the charaters from gta san andreas and gta iv and gta ballard of gay tony and gta lost and damned but just the main charaters but all the ones from san andreas because they live there.
  • Shele (Guest) January 17, 2012
    I hate liberty city it's just 2 colors every time i play it i got nothing to do,so ROCKSTAR please do us a favour make San andreas as beautiful as it was!!! (SERIOUS FAN)
  • Anna tiger. (Guest) January 15, 2012
    1. Thing I hope not looking for is that in multiplayer people don't go crazy modding because Everyone who does it is just a full of it. Mostly because they love freezing out other gamers just like GTA 4. Can't even be in the room for 15sec.. And then get drop out just like that and no more fun. Well hopefully that doesn't happen!!
    Btw_ this game needs to come out soon!!! Darn!..
  • Nikolai_Resnov (Guest) January 15, 2012
    i want clothes stores to have all kinds of outfits and accessories like hats,watches,ties,shoes,rings, you should be able to dress like you can in real life. and since rockstar is obsess with making it more realistic they should look into this.
  • Nikolai_Resnov (Guest) January 15, 2012
    as long as there is an m1911a1 and a return of a revolver and maybe a cabela or gandermountain store and a mall it will be an amazing game oh and nomater who there character is you should be able to dress how ever you want like i personally want a suit and fedora
  • YASIN (Guest) January 14, 2012
    there are rumors goin around that patric mcreary(from gta iv)is goin to be in gta v because in gta bogt u see him goin into the airport
  • mickybo12 (Guest) January 14, 2012
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