Grand Theft Auto V Found in Social Club Files

Posted by TreeFitty September 26, 2011 : 19 Comments : 24,527 Views

With info so scarce on Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games fans sift through as much dirt as they can to find a speck of gold. This time the name "Grand Theft Auto V" and "GTA V" have been found hidden away in some XML files of the official Rockstar Games Social Club:

The first XML file is here or see below if it gets changed. It involves videos:

GTA V in Social Club 1

The second XML file is here or see below if it gets changed. This has to do with the multiplayer event schedule:

GTA V in Social Club 2

Before you scream "typo!" note that GTA IV is also listed and for Rockstar to mess that up, it would mess up their website too. Also note the Game of the Year Edition of Red Dead Redemption is also listed in the first pic as well as L.A. Noire too. An interesting thing is that Beaterator is shown in the second pic for Multiplayer Events.

What's noticeable is that AGENT is not listed in either file, even though it is listed at the Social Club as "coming soon". That title is being developed by Rockstar North, who is the main studio in the GTA series. Perhaps development of AGENT has been pushed back to make way for Grand Theft Auto V? Maybe GTA V will indeed be announced for release after Max Payne 3?

Let us know what you think of all this in the comments below or join the chat in the GTA 5 forums! Thanks to for finding this!

UPDATE: The sites have been edited and GTA V has been removed.

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  • dipsy (Guest) October 13, 2011
    hahaha nicely said Jonty
  • Jonty (Guest) October 12, 2011
    If it was fake, then Rockstar wouldn't have gone and removed the GTAV in the XML, or even placed it there in the first place. Why remove it if it is fake? Why add it into the XML if it is fake? It's not like they were thinking "hey guys, let's just hide GTAV in the XML file and remove it later on just to piss around with everyone". My two cents say that they didn't realise it was in the XML, and when they found out that people had gone through the XML and found it, they removed it ASAP to make sure that the news didn't go widespread and plaster the internet. It has to be that.
  • Marney1 (Guest) October 04, 2011
    @zasd If it's fake, prove it.
  • dipsy (Guest) October 04, 2011
    you cant say yes or no to this site as if you are R* yourself except just take it in and take your hands out of your pants. thanks to this site we actually get a lil inside info that they are ACTUALLY making the game where most of the interviews Iv seen they change the subject or dont talk about the next gta at all.... anyways thanks igta5 you are the R*s
  • Joe (Guest) October 02, 2011
    thanks for the hard core evidence, at least we know that r* are working on it for sure, they clearly don't want nay fans to see this though, as they've already taken it down from the XML, oh well hope they are doing a good job on 5, should be like LA noire and red dead combined. the best advice to people that regularly check these sites is to not check everyday, but come on here a few times a month, instead of biting your nails for news everyday.
  • Massacre (Guest) October 01, 2011
    Why are we the only site that gets shit for posting rumors? Every fan site posts the exact same shit, and none of them have to deal with this.

    It's entirely possible to be skeptical about a news post without being a dick about it. Give it a try sometime.
  • TreeFitty (Guest) October 01, 2011
    lol this isn't a place for you guys then.
  • R* (Guest) October 01, 2011
    People listen up, there are only 3 websites that officially knows about GTA5, Rockstar Games, E3, Take-Two Interactive. So if those 3 doesn't say anything about GTA5 just be patient people.
  • Epiccooler1 (Guest) October 01, 2011
    I agree, stop sharing f*cking unreal rumors, cause you don't know anything about GTA 5
  • R* (Guest) October 01, 2011
    Everyone needs to quit spreading rumors about GTA5, just be patient and wait for 2012 so E3 can announce it.
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