GTA 5 Release Date Likely To Be Mid-to-Late 2012

Posted by Psy September 08, 2011 : 26 Comments : 22,760 Views

Rockstar Games today announced Max Payne 3 will be launched in March, 2012. So? I hear you say... Well, it's unlikely that GTA 5 will be launched within a few months of Max Payne 3. With the advertising and marketing Rockstar tend to do for their games for months either side of their launch, it seems unlikely that two big games would be marketed simultaneously. Therefore we're probably looking at either late 2011, or mid-to-late 2012 for Grand Theft Auto V's launch.

Max Payne 3 Boxart

Is it likely that GTA 5 could be announced and launched in the next 3 months? Probably not. Which would mean we'd probably be looking at summer 2012 or later for the launch of arguably the most anticipated game since GTA IV.

What do you think? Will we get a surprise announcement and launch before Christmas this year? Or does the Max Payne 3 news mean it could be another year before we get our hands on GTA V?

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  • Tino Roelofs (Guest) December 28, 2011
    yeah we want GTA V!
  • deathclawslayer1 (Guest) December 21, 2011
    forget max payne, we want gta v!!!!!
  • rank 65 (Guest) October 11, 2011
    i hope there will be a gta v cause we need one an i have be hearing there is going to be a playstation 4 coming to
  • jay2011 (Guest) October 09, 2011
    yeah i agree with The Well-Stacked Cluckin Shot then the manchester lads can come down and beat liverpool into the ground..... woops soz was looking out my window.
  • R* (Guest) September 30, 2011
    The president of SONY Corp "Jack Tretton" said the PS3 has a 10yr life cycle, meaning the PS4 will come out in 2016, GTA5 should come out in 2018, which is 2yrs after the release of PS4, so im guessing in 2012 the new GTA game would most likely be San Andreas Stories!!!
  • The Well-Stacked Cluckin Shot (Guest) September 29, 2011
    Personally I'd either like SA2, a next-gen London '69 remake or a city based around Liverpool.
  • TF (Guest) September 28, 2011
    Plus the current consoles have plenty of life left.
  • Gta R* (Guest) September 28, 2011
    Fdgbh says... They would lose so much money if doin that bc alot of people have a ps3 and xbox 360 already so why put it on another game system that not as many people will have.
  • fdgbh (Guest) September 21, 2011
    the next xbox 360 and ps3 will may be came in 2014 and the new gta5 will come out in 2012 they will maybe wait for the next game system then gta5 will come out
  • R* (Guest) September 12, 2011
    If you guys want an idea of what GTAV might look like, just look at "Midnight Club: Los Angeles South Central Edition"
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