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Quick laptop question

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My girlfriend wants a new laptop and she's looking to spend £400. She won't use it for much shit except the internet and microsoft office.

I found the following:

SAMSUNG Series 3 NP300E5A-A01DX 15.6" Laptop - Silver

Intel Core i3-2330 (2.2Ghz, 3MB cache memory)


PACKARD BELL TS11HR039 15.6" Laptop - Black

Intel Core™ i5-2410M (2.3Ghz, 3MB cache memory)


Now they're both the same price and almost identical specs except RAM and CPU.

Here are the benchmarks for the two processors:

(Samsung) Intel i3 = 2791

(PB) Intel i5 = 3346


The only other difference is an extra GB of RAM in the Samsung.

Which one would you go for? One offers a better CPU but less RAM, whilst the other has a lesser CPU but more RAM. Will the 1GB RAM make much difference? I don't really want to add any RAM for her either, i'm lazy like that.

OR, do you have any alternatives that you would suggest?

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I believe that acer own packard bell so I'd personally stay away from it because of the shit I had with acer. nothing in it tbh, if all she needs it for is general shit then they're more than capable. looking for a laptop myself for £400 and the only suggestion is stay away from acer, some of the specs look good but fuck me do they feel cheap

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toshiba makes a nice laptop...

you can get a nice one for 250 USD for internet and office only.

acer is a piece of shit, like trathen said. Also, you don't need a i5 if it's just for internet/office. For what she's doing the ram is gonna be way more important (multiple ie tabs, office windows), and the Samsung has more of it.

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