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Invite Link:

(if the invite link stops working, let me know and i'll send a new one).


I've not been on Discord long, but it's reminiscent of our iGTA chatroom, but with separate chat threads, and it runs much quicker and smoother than the PS chat app. Decided to make a gang discord so we can organise playing RDO together before posting official gang nights on the forum, and we can show all the awesome photography we've taken in the game, and more...


Here's the sub-chats:



You can use the app on your phone or PC. So what are you waiting for? Come join the gang!

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i was thinking of making one of these, but as a general crew discord with an iRD section... that way we can still post about GTA, and even arrange fallout groupings... should we do that instead, dup? if so, what would we call it if it we were keeping it that general...


i've been using discord for a few months, a podcast i listen to has a group chat on there, it's a cool app...


or can we just add an "other games" section and include GTA and Fallout then? with sub categories for organizing and photos and stuff? are you able to change the name of the discord server later if we decided to change the format? also, make me a mod when i join :)


if most of the crew doesn't have USB microphones, it's possible that we could actually set up group chats thru it so we can bypass the 8 person PSN limit, because i do believe the discord chatter is much cleaner than-game ones...

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Yeah it all looks promising. Don't hold back Fitty, Vicey, QD, Gunsmith, Mister, and any other straggler left on the forum. Unlike PSN we can all chat, Xbox players, PC players alike!


We now have an iGTA section, and we can add other games if and when we need them, Fallout? yeah sure i'll had that.




Thanks for joining those of you that have, lets all get on-board!



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