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BeamNG Drive Alpha - The Crash Simulator

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Hey guys,

I've been looking for a game to ease the wait for GTA 5, and I found it - Drive!

What's Drive? It's basically a playground/sandbox type game with softbody physics, which basically means, it makes the car crashes look realistic. You've probably watched a few of those fake GTA videos, some of these might have been from this game.

Well you can't really call this a game yet, it's an alpha so there's still a lot of bugfixing to do.

The best thing is, you can download a free tech demo and try it out for yourself. Dunno if it's allowed to post links here, but you can easilly find it on google. (The alpha costs 11,50€)

I was sceptical at the beginning, but it's so addictive to crash into something and see the deformation in slow motion. (hotkey alt+arrow down)

Let me know if you played this game and how you like it.

I haven't found a topic about this game so I hope it's ok to open this thread.

Here's a crash compilation video I made, check it out:

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