Speed runs.

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I like watching these. These guys know the maps like crazy...

You should watch all those guy on Twitch that speedrun GTA everyday. GTA 3 WR 1 hour 19 mins and something seconds. Vice City, 1 hour 32 and something seconds. Amazing. It would take me hours and hours.

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@River - What platform you play on? We have mutliplayer events every two weeks on Ps3.

I know this is old and shit lol. I play on PC exclusively! (holding out for gta5 on pc!!!) I've only seen two people be able to do the Moss_27 Challenge which is pretty much a snatch and go speed run through locked levels.

Example of a run

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For postal 2 theres two achievements, one is Anustart which is beat the game without killing anybody, and the other is 40 year old virgin which is ebat the game in less than 1hr 30mins. I wasn't even going for the latter but did it anyway to my surprise!


Bearing in mind this is non-TAS, no cheats [it locks achievements] etc.

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