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GTA V Spoiler Etiquette - Read Before Posting

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Grand Theft Auto V will be out September 17. You will all be eager to share stories, mission details, plot points, etc., but many people here will not be playing at the same pace that you play at, and will not yet have experienced these things for themselves. It is inconsiderate, rude - and quite frankly, a dick move - to spoil any part of the game for your fellow forum members. In order to prevent you from being a dick, I have prepared a primer on GTA V spoiler etiquette.

When posting a spoiler, you are to place it in 'spoiler tags.' I will show you how to do this below. Click the images to enlarge them.







Now that the use of spoiler tags has been thoroughly explained and there is no excuse for failing to use them, I want to let you all know that there will be zero tolerance and zero mercy for those who post spoilers outside of spoiler tags.

Failure to hide a spoiler in spoiler tags will result in an immediate warn for the first offense, and each offense after that will result in a 24 hour suspension. Repeat offenders who are especially troublesome...

Will be banned.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy your time here in the forums. Unless you post unhidden spoilers, in which case you can enjoy your ban instead.

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