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PS3 Graphics Problems

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My son saved up and bought his own PS3 which he was really proud of doing. He got the AC3 500GB package deal that came with a couple of "classics", Uncharted and Just Cause 2. He also got the Jak and Daxter Collection as it was his favourite when he was younger.

So he starts playing J&D and there are no issues at all but then he switched to AC3 and the graphics got a bit shitty, the edges of characters were frayed, movement was a bit blurred so I fucked around with the TV's settings and managed to make the game playable. It still plays up now and again but I heard that AC3 was a bit glitchy anyways. He also rented Black Ops 2 and it was perfect with no graphics issues at all..

The real problem is with the "classics" - I can not do anything to make these games playable - the graphics are just too blurry and "slow". These aren't the original games but the platinum or whatever versions., which leads me to ask, are these platinum versions made in anyway differently to the original?? And in a way that would cause these problems?

Any advice appreciated

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Yeah, but that's mainly the trim and other features like how the disks are loaded... The chips in the ps3s built now are probably a lot better than the original ones because the are smaller and cooler..

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