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There are two factors that shape the rest of my life, I set goals for these two factors and achieving these goals helps me with the rest - my professional life and my body. If I'm doing good in work, I'll do good with my body, and vice versa, I will have the motivation to workout harder, to work through the nights, to eat right, etc. It may sound superficial, but if I'm happy with work and my body I feel like everything else is easy, meeting people, having fun, relaxing, all those things are conditioned by those two pillars.

Getting work done, being part of interesting projects, making dat paper, climbing the ladder (both at uni and in the workplace), getting rewarded for it - money and/or perks, although I have very little use for money (I have too much for a single 22 year old with a very small family), I still feel money is an important aspect to feeling successful.

The gym also became a very important aspect in my life. I started working out a few months before turning 18 and instantly became hooked, getting stronger and bigger obviously made an impact outside of the gym - my school work improved, I was more confident, could chalk up enough guts to talk to any girl, etc... It broke so many walls for me. The past couple of years it became religious, I ditch a lot of events to make sure I make it to the gym, it's just the perfect place to let off steam after a work day.

Inspiration for me comes from within, it's knowing that there is more to achieve, improvements to make and flaws to fix. Doing things outside of the comfort zone, exploring and making friends - these are the things that inspire me, it's where I find places and people to aspire to.

/cudz opening up

/wall of text

much love.

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