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The Fourth Dimension (new, interesting film)

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I just watched this film on the Vice youtube channel. Basically it's three films, roughly around 45 minutes each with each directors take on the 'fourth dimension'. The films are linked in small ways too.

It's an extremely weird set of films so if you do watch it, go into it with an open mind and just try to enjoy it I guess. I've just finished and my brain is jumping all over the place trying to piece it all together, but I like films like that :)

The first of the short films is directed by Harmony Korine and even stars Val Kilmer (one of the weirdest)

The first film is actually the weakest of the three in my opinion so don't just give up if you aren't enjoying it, the second two get so much better (my opinion, anyway)

I think it was only released a few weeks ago, but yeah...if you do decide to check it out leave a comment letting me know what you thought! :)

Little bit of info about the film

''The d├ębut release by Grolsch Film Works and VICE Films brings together an immersive trilogy by Harmony Korine, Alexsei Fedorchenko and Jan Kwiecinski. The three filmmakers have created three unique stories that offer up their vision of this higher plane of existence, the Fourth Dimension. Each filmmaker takes his character on a journey that changes the way they see the world and themselves. And each filmmaker will offer a different perspective on what the Fourth Dimension is.''

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