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It's about Alliance and I think the protagonist is Varyan Wynn (or whatever his name is). I'd have much preferred a movie based on the horde.

I also heard heirlooms are accountwide now. That will make it super easy to level on the opposite faction, and even on other realms.

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Like I said, if they don't start with Rise of the Horde, they've fucked up. Not getting my hopes up for this one.

You can mail any account-bound item cross-realm and cross-faction now, not just heirlooms. All the weapon spawns my rogue picked up in Pandaria are seeing a lot of traffic right now.

Heirlooms are getting a new system in the next expansion, though. Basically, once you've bought an heirloom, any character on your account has access, no mailing involved. Not sure what the specifics are, but that's what they've said so far.

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