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PS4/XboxOne Generation

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Looks and sounds cool but says it's being released on steam. So will it be released on consoles later maybe? They said new ones will be like chapters maybe they release all chapters on disc for next generation.

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Old thread bump, but i though this would be a good enough post to grant a bump.

Well then, now the "Next Gen" is upon us, the new consoles are released/releasing as i write this. We have a better understanding of how things will look this generation. Obviously the games that are coming out this year and probably early next year, wont look hugely impressive. But for an even better understanding of what this generation is capable of, we should be looking at work from the artists, like portfolios and such. These are the guys that will be molding the current gen into what we can expect from it.

Here's a couple of good 3D artworks I've spotted running on current generation engines, that will be possible on PS4 and Xbox One in the near future:

Wrecked Apartment by Wiktor Ohman



Sc-fi Environment by Helder Pinto



Female sci-fi character by Adam Fisher


A Gentleman's Rest by gartht3d


I may post some more later.

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Wrecked is a bit of an exaggeration, I'd buy 'untidy' at most. If it were truly wrecked, all those bookcases and their contents should be tipped over and strewn, and the appliances and windows trashed.

But never mind the hair splitting, the image quality is breathtaking.

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