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Your favourite gaming screenshots

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it is if you roam new marias... no one notices the storefronts, there's too much else going on in infamous 2...

ohh, finally beat this game last night... hey massacre;

do you think he really dies?? at the end of the good ending he does, but just before the credits roll, lightning strikes the ship carrying his body... i wonder where they go with this next... what happened at the end of the evil ending?? he survives??

I'm sure the lighting strike revives him, but the evil ending is so different, I'm not sure how they could make an Infamous 3 work...

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Screenshot from f1 2011:


I'll be honest, I nearly died from excitement when I seen this. looks good, very good.

(any non f1 fans can fuck off btw)

Holy shit! :drool:

Haven't really played a racing game (apart from GT5 which is gathering dust) since Indie 500 on the Amiga 500. Blocky as shit but it felt real at the time, always had grahics set to minimum.

Wow, that video is the first time I've seen it since about '89.

(Y) Reminds me of MicroProse Formula One Grand Prix, maybe the best F1 game on Amiga.

The same game on PC:

Fast forward to 2:50 when the race begins. Listen to that sound. :lol: PC had so poor sound and graphics that I don't understand why anyone bought games for it.

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