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Will there be Cheat Codes in GTA 5?

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I'm sure everyone is wandering if there will be any cheat codes in the game. I personally don't care if there will be but it would be kinda fun to use them if you ever get bored during the game.

Here is a list of the possible cheats that would probably be in the game. ( if there is cheat codes for the game )

Health, ammo, armor

car cheats

possibly a jet pack

infinite ammo

infinite health

infinite stamina

infinite oxygen

max muscle

max sex appeal

max stamina

become skinny

become fat

weapon class #1

weapon class #2

weapon class #3

supper jump

max vehicle stats

peds have guns

gang members everywhere

peds riot

beach party theme

ninja theme

never wanted

lower wanted level

raise wanted 2 stars

If you think you may know other cheats that may be in the game, you may add them to the list

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