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  1. k this could be the greatest game in the world not just cuz i love gta but here are my thoughts if you put animals dont over do it and try to make it like gta sims if u put animals it should be stray cats birds rats, you could even make a game like hiddin packages like the old gtas ,, (when it was fun) new and not boring, and as for dogs if u couyld make it...great but only k9 units and the ocaisional bull breed in a gangstas chain link front yard, maby a dog u can keep at ur house and put in the back seet and act asa homie but honsetly thats thinking to far for me . i cant stress enough that you guys can make it or break it with this game mini games lots of mini games helicopter to boat to kwads ,killing,racing and flying as for online if u put an awsome rank system and a great map load out (small to medium size) u could do well but to be honest if u are not thinking your online is gonna be up there with halo and call of duty DONT EVEN COME OUT WITH ONLINE ! ...GTA IS A GREAT NAME AND CAME BEFORE BOLTH OF THOES... but if you insist make it a great free roam co op like saints row did, but take no other idea from that game it is a descrace i think gta was the best gameplay wise the realness of the game made me feel like i was part of a fun and real experience. as for anything else ...put every thing you have ever put in a gta and put it in this game ,,,visuals can sell a game just as well as game play you guys shoulkd no you did it with l.a noire lol